This is my first entry in the blog, taking place right after Sai Maa’s glorious event in Denver: “Healing: Accelerated Teachings for Accelerated Times”.

Maa spoke about being in the heart as we become 5th dimensional beings, creating together the new Golden Age on Earth. Yes, constantly reminding ourselves to be in the heart, breathe in the heart, focus our attention there and think, feel, act from the heart. We are to live that heart-mind connection (“thinking with the heart, loving with the mind”).

We activate, intensify, radiate our divine light when we reside in the heart, where our soul resides, where we are always united through the antakarana, the tube of light, with our I AM, our Presence, our Supreme Self, Source, God, whatever names we choose for our true essence.

Very importantly for our transformation and how we live our lives, we are to BE GRATEFUL. When we are grateful, we are naturally in the heart, we are loving and expanding as we appreciate whatever we are grateful for … ourselves, our loved ones, our life.

Maa offered us at the Denver event the opportunity to take home with us a Gratitude Book, with instructions to place in this book a word, statement, paragraph of GRATITUDE each day. Of course, I began my book last night (it’s on my night table next to my bed), being grateful, feeling in my heart my gratitude, for MAA, MY GURU … all ways grateful for Maa’s Love, Maa’s Grace, Maa’s Shakti, Maa’s teachings – to remember, feel this in my heart.

I invite all of you to keep this book literally and figuratively, to remind yourselves each day of what you are grateful for. This may not be a new practice, you may have heard this before and perhaps practiced it before, however as Maa informs us, it is CRITICAL at this time to be grateful, to be in the heart, as 5th dimensional beings.

I provide below some passages from my book, In the Path of Light with Maa, related to the above (lessons, questions, and practices). Please write us back on the blog so we can all share, resonate, be in our hearts, and transform together through our words. Remember, words are energy and we impact one another as we write and speak.

Quotes from the book:

Lessons Learned: “You gotta have heart. More song lyrics. When I step foot in Puttaparthi and feel Baba’s presence, this is love. When I first met Maa, and now having spent so many years in Maa’s presence, this is love. It’s all about heart, the love that resides in our hearts. As Maa teaches, there is a thin membrane that separates the left side of the heart (the human) from the right side (the divine). As we practice, become aware, and progress in the path, this membrane starts to disappear. We experience and become that divine, universal love that is our essence. This love has been, and continues to be, activated and reinforced within me through my sadhana and devotion. Our birthright is to live as this love. Divine love in action: the vision of Humanity In Unity.”

Questions for Reflection: “We tend to be focused either in the mind or the heart. From what I’ve experienced, a higher percentage focuses in the mind, including me for many years. We can develop a close relationship between the two. What do you think or feel, or both, about any or all of these questions: ‘Am I more of a thinker or feeler? Do I spend most of my time in my mind or my heart? Am I guided more by one than the other? What touches me most in my heart or impacts me the most in my mind? Can I achieve more balance between the two?'”

Practices for Transformation: Take time for loving and appreciating. When you go to bed at night and/or when you rise in the morning, take a few moments to be grateful and appreciate your life. Appreciate any specific developments that have taken place recently. Picture your loved ones, and love them with all your heart. Appreciate their presence in your life. Acknowledge within yourself any particular interactions you’ve had with them recently that bring you happiness and joy.”

Again, please post on this blog and share yourselves with others.