Keeping with the topic of love and gratitude, manifesting wealth or abundance in our lives comes from this same state of love, being in the heart, being grateful for all that is here for us in the present moment. We manifest by attracting this endless wealth, when we rest in the clarity, faith, knowingness, truth in our heart of what we desire, of what is true for us. This means that we are coming from our essence in what we wish to see manifest, in what we value and know as most important to appear in our lives. When we come from this place, this state and energy, we are expanded, alert, passionate, in the natural flow of the universe.

I have just been reading a book by Shakti Durga (Kim Fraser) titled Dimensions of Wealth: Natural Manifesting with Ease and Grace. She writes of natural manifesting coming from yin and yang, the feminine and masculine, this balance and holistic thinking, where we live a wholesome, balance spiritually aware life, adept at managing the spirals that all energy moves in (and, as we know, everything is energy). We become magnetic and attract wealth and abundance in the yin energy (feminine, being in the heart, spirit, growth of the soul), and also take action to accomplish specific goals and results in the yang or masculine energy. We manifest with yin + yang, receptivity + action, stillness + effort.

Let me know what we think about these points, as well as what I have offered earlier about love and gratitude. Share what you have experienced, your ideas and insights, what you would like to hear more about in future blogs.