Several of us just attended a powerful, transformative Landmark weekend program called DIRECT ACCESS. Without getting into the specific content of the program, I’m now focusing on one aspect we addressed which is about the state of wonder.

Maa has spoken about wonder, about being innocent like a child, where everything we see, hear, feel, experience, is new and fresh and occurs to us as if for the first time. Very much related to wonder is being in the present moment – NOWISM as Maa says. We’ve just covered in the blog some thoughts, questions, practice about gratitude, being in the heart and loving. These are very much related to wonder and being present. I’m here, experiencing everything now, taking it all in with gratitude for all that is offered to me in this moment, in my life, all the possibilities and opportunities, loving it all. I’m completely open, I am in awe.

As I write in my workbook Inside Tips, offering questions for self-inquiry: “Living life in a state of wonder, open to new beginnings and learning in each moment. Sound good? Ask yourself, “Do I see myself as a beginner in many instances, open to learning and seeing situations afresh? Do I see and seek opportunities in life for gaining new knowledge and learning new things? Do I have a sense of wonder about what’s to come and the sense that it’s just the beginning of much more?

What do you all have to say (write) about wonder, about your perspective, your state, your insights, that can inform us in living our lives?

I offer a practice from the workbook related to being present, being in the NOW of life, as you experience everything that is present from this state of wonder:

Practice ‘Nowism.’ With conscious breath, practice being in the moment, walking consciously, eating consciously in silence, showering, and doing whatever you’re doing with awareness. Witness whether you’re doing or being. Practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings in the moment. Notice whether you’re in the past or future, and come back to the present. Experiment with creating positive thoughts and feelings in the moment. Make this a regular practice, at least several times a week, in different settings and circumstances. Notice the effect it has on you, your consciousness, your state of being, your actions.”

Let us know about how this practice works for you, what you suggest we add to enrich the practice for all of us.