Catherine Munk commented on my Facebook page about music and being present, the WOW moment. I was just speaking to Pat at our Sai Maa Denver center gathering last night about music. We were sharing our love of classical music, how we are in our hearts, communing, being one with the divine vibration that has come through the composers. She expressed her love of several composers including Beethoven, and I mentioned I just saw a movie about him (“Copying Beethoven”) about a woman who copied his music and then, in a marvelous extended scene, knelt down on stage behind the orchestra and conducted as Beethoven watched and copied her as he conducted because he was deaf and could not hear the music. I also shared about the brain work that many of us in the community have had, through Maa grace, with the Tomatis Brain Lab in Belgium that uses Mozart and Gregorian chant, with added frequencies, to transform the brain.

I have always loved music, I move immediately into my heart, vibrate in my entire being with great feeling (especially love) when I hear great music or singers and musicians. I am in the moment with the music, in a state of wonder and complete openness to what is being created by the music and me. I love singing and chanting (I did a solo as a soprano of “Bless This House” before my voice changed – at a much younger age!!!). As we know, as Maa has repeated with the teachings, we are made of light, sound and vibration, and we are present to ourselves, being naturally who we are, when we vibrate with music, when we move into that oneness of heart, soul, body, mind, spirit, when we hear music we love.

Beethoven mentioned (in the movie) about God coming through him in the music, the constant flow of notes and symphonies in him. God and the divine was also a theme of “Amadeus” for Mozart and Salieri. We are aligned, coherent with the divine, with God, Source, essence, when we are touched by music, when we join in through our hearts, our love, our energy and vibration.

I’d love to hear from you about music, its relationship to being present and wonder, to communion with the divine, to aligning with our essence and loving, to transforming.

Also, I invite you to listen to the winner of “The Voice’, Jermaine Paul, singing “I Believe I Can Fly”.

One additional “note”: Becky’s mother, my former wife, Leslie Morrison Faerstein (who was in Denver and just did JOPH) is Executive Director of “Musicians on Call”, where musicians come to hospitals to entertain and serve the patients through music. Please Google the organization.