This is a time to celebrate our mothers, those who have given physical birth to us, and those who have served as mothers in our lives in various ways.

First, I thank my birth mother, Ida Faerstein, who gave birth to me 62 years ago. She went through a traumatic experience because I chose to arrive over two months before the predicted date … weighing 3 pounds and staying in the hospital for over a month in an incubator to prepare myself for these many years of life experience. Thank you, mother, for going through that fear and uncertainty and then taking care of me with such love over the years. It’s almost 20 years since you left the body, and you are always in my heart.

Thank you, Leslie, my former wife and the mother of my indescribably delicious daughter Becky who is a bright light in my and many others’ lives. Thank you for being such a great mother and caring for Becky over some rough years in the past, and now when we have all realized our deep love for each other through our own transformation.

AND … what would Mother’s Day be without expressing my deep, endless gratitude for the presence of my (our) Beloved Sai Maa. Maa has blessed this life experience of mine for almost 18 years, and words do not do justice to my love for Maa, for how Maa has served me, been devoted to me (us) as Maa says, no matter what my decisions and state of being. Thank you, mille mercis, tant de gratitude à jamais.

I offer the Dedication from my book, In the Path of Light with Maa, in which I thank Maa, Maa as Sai Maa my Guru, and all the different aspects of Maa, including the Divine Feminine within all of us.

“I dedicate this book to my guru, Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi; to my beloved Maa who has served me in this life experience for over sixteen years. I know Maa has loved me, served me, and been with me for many life experiences—for eternity. I am eternally grateful.

Maa reveals herself to me in many ways at every moment. That is, when I’m aware. Maa is here when I call upon her with my inner voice, my breath, and all the love in my heart. I access this love because of the presence of Maa in my life. We can all be blessed with the revelation of the love of Maa within us.

Maa isn’t the physical form, the memories of Maa, the experiences of Maa, the words written about Maa. Maa is beyond human consciousness. Maa is the realm of all possibilities, the unified field, pure space, the primordial sound of Om, the state before creation. Maa is me, you, all humanity, all planets and galaxies, all worlds, all dimensions, All That Is.

Maa is the Self that I devote myself to, the witness, the indweller, the knower and known, the lover and beloved. Maa is the love that is Source, the core and essence of all of us as creation.

Maa is the Shakti that propels and manifests this written expression of Maa. Maa is our longing. Maa is the reason we’ve incarnated so many times to realize the Self in physical form, to live the life divine in every moment. Maa is present in form and without form, as light, sound, and vibration in multiple dimensions at the same time.

I dedicate myself to you as Maa, to you as me, as the Self, as the love that I feel and know so well through Maa. This book is an expression of this dedication to Maa and all that Maa is.

As Maa writes at the end of messages, “Your Ever Maa.” Let this declaration of being forever and eternally ours comfort you, nourish you, and serve you as it has me to this day and as it will for so many more to come.

Yes to my life with Maa, to Maa as my life, to Maa as life.

Om Jai Jai Sai Maa (I honor Divine Mother within me, within you.)”


I now offer some practices that activate Mother, Divine Feminine, within us, and that lead us to acknowledging and accessing this energy and state within. Please let me know how they work for you, and offer any others in your comments to this blog that you use related to Mother.

(1) A mantra you can recite to honor and activate Divine Mother within:


Now for some tips from my workbook:

(2) Experiment with your feminine side. Reflect about what’s more masculine or feminine within you, and how you feel about this. Discuss with those whose opinion you value what is meant by the divine feminine. See how what you find out relates to you, your state, your perspective about yourself and the world, what you value in life, and your behaviors and actions. Make decisions and take actions that will activate and allow the divine feminine to be revealed in you and your life.

(3) Balance your masculine and feminine sides. I’m sure you know this isn’t about being heterosexual or homosexual. It’s about finding aspects within yourself and related behaviors and actions that are associated with masculine and feminine. Then it’s about finding a happy balance between the two.

Take out some paper, or use your journal. Draw a line down the middle of two pages, creating two columns on each page. On one page write the title “Feminine,” and on the other page write “Masculine.” Using only the column on the left side of each page, write the aspects or qualities associated with feminine or masculine, and then in the right column of each page write the associated behaviors or expressions of these aspects/qualities. When you’re done, take out a highlighter marker and mark those aspects/qualities and behaviors/expressions that you feel describe who you are right now. Then take a look to see what other aspects/qualities and associated behaviors/expressions you feel you can focus on in balancing your sides, so to speak.

Choose one quality and play with this in your life. Find examples at home, at work, with your partner, family, colleagues, and so on to develop and express it through your actual behaviors. Reflect about how you see yourself and others as you do this and when you debrief within yourself after the fact. Journal about what you find out. Have conversations with your partner, if there is one in your life, and with others who are important to you, about what you’ve learned. Keep on practicing, choosing new qualities and behaviors to develop.