It came to me to offer you (in English and French) a meditation that guides all of us in being grateful to our parents, our children, to all families around the world. Also, it is no coincidence I realized this morning that today is the wedding anniversary of my parents who are no longer in physical form.

Let us all appreciate our parents for giving birth to us, offering us the opportunity to live on the planet at this important time of transformation into the new Golden Age, an Era of Light on Mother Earth. Let us appreciate our children who have incarnated through us to live at this time, to evolve and serve however they choose. Let us be grateful for all parents, all children, all families, who are giving each other lessons, co-creating life experiences, that impact all of us as one global family.

Please offer this meditation to others by referring them to this blog, and send in any comments you have about the meditation, about what you experience in appreciating your parents, children, and all families around the world.