This title isn’t meant to be pessimistic, just a teaching that everything is impermanent on this planet. Our bodies don’t last. Our thoughts, feelings, words, actions are here and then gone. Now what do we do with this teaching?

If nothing lasts, let’s appreciate even more each moment, each experience, each relationship and interaction.  Let’s not take anything or anyone for granted. If nothing lasts, there’s no time to waste!

We could react with nervousness and panic if we focus on the downside of nothing lasting. We could get stuck in the story that we’re doomed and everything is hopeless. Or we could become hedonists, satisfying our every desire, because it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, we could use this teaching, this awareness, to be even more alert, attuned to what’s going on in our lives and around us, so we act, express ourselves, create, live how we really want to live from deep in our heart because we’re valuing our life. This stand in life brings us to the present moment, NOWISM as Sai Maa says, in how we’re being, in our state as we experience our life.

This teaching came to my awareness this morning, as I greeted Sai Maa before the beginning of the second day of the Journey of Profound Healing. When Maa greeted some of us before entering the hall, Maa said that one of the family members of a participant had left the body over the weekend. Maa shared the teaching that nothing lasts on this planet, and added another key point that we’re never to forget: LOVE LASTS. Although we state nothing lasts on this plane, LOVE is the exception. Love is a state, energy, expression, that lasts because it’s eternal on all planes. We’re not speaking here of human love, but of that love that is divine, that is a pure expression of the heart and soul, the highest frequency vibration and light that comes from Self, Source, God, whatever name we use to describe our origin, our essence.

Thus, WE ARE TO LOVE during the time we are in a physical form, experiencing and living our incarnation on this planet. This expression of true love does last, because it’s an enduring energy that is one with All That Is.

The lesson of the day (of a lifetime): LOVE NOW. Don’t be distracted by desires of what is not eternal, what doesn’t last. What matters is for us to love no matter what, to drop our anger, resentment, lack of forgiveness, whatever stops us from sharing our love. I know, many will say, “That sounds easy, but how do we actually love like that, put that in practice?” I understand … and it’s as easy as taking that step, moving into action, LOVING right now before it’s too late. I’m not saying we’re to love because it may too late, because nothing lasts including ourselves. Let’s not use this as the reason to love; let’s use it as a reminder, an impetus, a catalyst, a jumpstart for loving!