I ask you all to read these words and experience what they bring to you, what they create in you. I ask this since the topic here is FAITH, which isn’t something you can hold, look at, touch, smell. Faith is intangible; it’s a state, an energy, a choice we can make inside ourselves to be in this state and energy, to live in it. I’m writing about faith here because I think it can serve you in your life by better understanding it AND sensing it and accessing it within yourself. You can then nourish it within you, and use it to take more powerful actions that will manifest what you’d like in life, what’s important to you.

Faith includes faith in yourself, faith in the world around you, faith in what you don’t know, what you can’t see, what’s uncertain or unknown, what’s unfamiliar or not normally accessed within ourselves. This is where trust comes in. Faith and trust go together: having faith, trusting. On a Life Divine conference call this morning, Reverend Thomas Brown spoke about this faith-trust relationship. He also spoke of other ways to define or capture faith: “Faith (trust) connects each of us to the Creator, to the Divine.” “Faith is an invisible magnet that attracts to it what it desires..” “Faith is not blind.” “Faith is the knowledge and conviction that we are made in the image of God.” “Faith is the presence, purpose, power of God’s image within you.”

What do you feel, experience, when you read these words? What happens when you say to yourself, “I trust”, “I am trusting”, “I have faith”, “I am faithful”? Is there an energy shift in you, energy moving in certain parts of the body? What happens in your heart? What happens to your breath?

Some more points and questions about faith from my book and workbook: “We could say that faith isn’t just about religion. It’s about our perspectives on life, each other, and ourselves. What is faith for you? Would you say you have faith? What does it feel like? What does it bring into your life? How does it affect your actions? Would you like to develop more faith in yourself and in your life?”

Speaking of the breath, Reverend Brown spoke about how to strengthen faith through a simple practice: Breathe in God’s presence, and breathe out (let out) doubts.  Allow for the energy of faith within to spread. “Being actively calm and calmly active.”

Related to action: As mentioned above, Reverend Brown spoke of faith as a presence that gives purpose and has power that can be used. Using this power of faith is action, service (seva), becoming a servant. Very important words for me related to power and action: FAITH IS A TOOL. We can access this faith within us, and use it by taking action in this state. When we are in a state of faith, in this energy, the actions we take are more powerful, more effective; they attract what is consistent and aligned with our faith – in other words, what is divine in us and in life.

Meditation is a practice, another tool as Reverend Brown says, that allows us to be that presence, purpose, and power of our inner divinity.  One type of meditation is breathing in God, the divine, whatever name or form we choose, and breathing out doubts. Also, just being still, breathing continuously (no pause between the inhale and exhale), moving “into the zone” with the breath. Breathing in the heart. Saying to ourselves, “I trust myself as I trust my breath.” Saying, “I trust that all is within me, all is here for me to receive, all is here for me to be.” Perhaps just silently repeating the word “faith” with each breath (words are vibrations, are energies, even when they are unspoken). Try one, some or all of these practices and see what happens. Share your comments of what arises within you when you try them.

We can develop and use faith within us to transform our energies, our personality, our fears and doubts, what doesn’t serve us to realize and be fully who we are. Faith ignites within us our purity, wholeness, expansiveness, multidimensionality … our power. We are empowered in faith.