In Maa’s global webcast this past Sunday, Maa spoke about “daring to be you”, how we can change the course of planetary history through the vital roles we can play as part of the Divine Plan, the Great Design. We have all that we need within us to move forward and step into an awakened state. Our Higher Self, our Presence, are waiting for us to open, call upon them, so they can bring forth different qualities of energies into our field. If a challenge appears in our life, it is happening because we can handle it – Maa says, take a breath and call on Maa. We can always call upon Maa, our soul, our Higher Self, other living and ascended masters, angels and archangels, cosmic beings.

Some of us have experienced and know about these beings, these energies, and their availability to us when we choose to call upon them. Some of you may not be aware of this, and then greater trust and faith come into play for you to make this choice. Why not go for it? Dare, dare, dare, to access and make use of these powerful energies waiting to serve. Opening to, calling upon, offering to, these energies … these are actions we can take.

More actions: As Maa suggests, observe your thoughts and feelings to see if they are in the path of your soul, and shift them, refocus, if they are not. Pour love from your heart, light from your being, into what comes to surface due to the planet’s ascension, the energies coming to the planet as we move through the Photon Belt, as we experience the effects of the solar flares. Stop resisting and open yourself, your heart. Use the Violet Flame more and more – as Maa says, St. Germain is activating it with a new frequency that is charged regularly every few days.

I offer some practices (actions) below from my workbook related to Self-Expression, that represent more “daring” in your life, taking the next steps necessary for your evolution and awakening:

  • Be your truth. Find an area in your life where you’re not being honest, authentic, and standing in your truth. Reflect on why this is so. Determine what action you will take to transform this, to express and live your truth. Take whatever action is required to make the shift. This is as easy as making a decision to act. At the same time, remember about discernment in your actions and compassion in your interactions (love with understanding).
  • Speak up. This is another opportunity for authentic expression, in this case speaking a truth for you that you didn’t express before. This may mean speaking to someone who did something you didn’t agree with or like. It may be someone who reacted to another’s actions in a way you didn’t agree with. Choose an example that’s centered around a fundamental truth that you value in life, something you feel strongly about. In preparing your conversation, remember to start first with the importance of the relationship, or the benefits of the conversation from your perspective. First ask the person to listen so you can express yourself, and then he can respond afterward. Remember to speak honestly. When the other person speaks, remember to listen authentically. See how you feel at the end of the conversation. Are there any follow-up actions to take? What’s the state of the relationship if there is one going forward? What did you learn about yourself for future opportunities to speak up?
  • Go with what feels right. Speak to a person. Pursue an activity. Join a group or community where you feel a natural attraction. I’m not speaking about physical or sexual attraction. This kind of attraction is a resonance or comfortable feeling deep within yourself. Decide to make a phone call, send a text or e-mail message, or attend a meeting. Just go for it. Be present with what occurs within you and with the other person or people. Reflect about what you thought would happen and what actually happened. Continue to take these kinds of steps aligned with what you feel deep down. Pick up on the cues and signals that we often ignore or don’t pursue.
  • Say yes more often. Especially in cases where you normally say no to yourself or others, play with saying yes, and see what happens. Do you overcome some fear? Do you learn something you couldn’t have learned otherwise? Do you meet people or get to know people better than before? Do your shift your mood from pessimistic to optimistic, or reactive to proactive? Choose people you know, groups you are part of, and play with saying yes to them. Expand your yeses throughout different parts of your life. Ask others if they see a difference in you without mentioning that you’re saying yes more often. Take in their feedback, and play some more.
  • Seek alignment through life changes. See whether there are areas of your life that don’t feel aligned with your current state, energy, values, interests, knowledge, or skills. Determine what life choices you will make, with the related action steps and time frames, so that you have people, work, and pursuits that fulfill you. Don’t be rash; use your discernment and act. Explore, experiment, and be courageous.
  • We’re creators, so create. As creators, we can reinvent our lives and ourselves. We have the power and responsibility to eliminate the suffering we create in our lives, to create divine lives in which we live as the Self. We can take action to express our gifts and passions more freely. Choose one thing you’d like to create in your life right now. What comes to you when you think about it? Do you feel willing and passionate, or passive and powerless? Reflect and identify exactly what you’d like to create. Name specific aspects of this creation to yourself. The greater the specificity and clarity, the greater the likelihood that you’ll create what you’re looking for. Now think about the possible actions you can take to achieve what you’ve identified. Weigh these possible actions in terms of their impact on creating what you’d like. Choose one or more actions that resonate and have the greatest impact. Now take action to create what you’d like. As you do, keep in your mind and heart those aspects of the creation you’ve identified. Feel how important they are to you, how you’d like to see them in your life. Reflect about your progress. Make any necessary adjustments, and keep going until you’ve created everything you imagined.