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I came to a new joy-filled awareness today: I can laugh at myself, and it feels great! Rather than being weighed down by my self-judgment, embarrassment, “Oh my God, what will people think?”, I felt a tickle in my chest and had a smile on my face, laughing to myself while realizing what happened, and laughing with others telling the story. Here it is:

Late last night I received a text from Maa, and was thrilled to read that Maa wished to see me where Maa is (a flight away) after 3 pm today. I quickly purchased a flight through Expedia, ecstatic that I would be with Maa very soon. This morning during meditation it came to me why Maa might have asked for me to come; I anticipated seeing whether my hunch was true or not. After that I packed my bags, made my nutritious green drink, told Herwig and Kerstin where I was going (they’re staying in their trailer home on my property, and they were thrilled as well I would be with Maa), and left for the airport.

When I was taking the shuttle from long-term parking, I just felt to re-read the message I had received from Maa – to relish what Maa wrote and how I felt. I took my iPhone out of my bag and scrolled to the message. I read it. I re-read it with an inner double-take. Maa abbreviates words in text messages – as we know, everything is accelerated, and we don’t need to write/say everything longhand. What did I realize after re-reading the message, you might be asking yourselves?

I thought Maa had written, “can i ci you tmrw after 3 pm”, meaning see you after 3 pm, right? No … the re-read confirmed that Maa had written, “can i cl you tmrw after 3 pm”, meaning call me after 3 pm. I’ll allow you some time to laugh WITH me (not at me) ………

Of course, “see you” would be “c you” and not “ci you”, I said to myself in retrospect.

I arrived at the airport, checked with Delta if I could receive a refund, and was told to contact Expedia (I did on the way home and received a refund – Maa probably had a hand in that!) In the car, I called Herwig and told him what happened, and we laughed loud and long about it. I called three other people I had told about the trip, and more laughter ensued with tears.

I got home, unpacked quickly, and waited for Maa’s call. Maa called exactly as written in the text message, and had some wonderful words to share with me. I told Maa what had happened and that I was writing this blog.  I had written a text earlier about my almost-flight to Maa that Maa hadn’t seen yet. How we laughed!!!!!!!!! How good it felt!!!!!!!!

So what’s the lesson? That’s right, keep it light! Let’s not be serious, significant, creating stories and dramas that drag us down, move us into moods of self-loathing. Why waste the time and energy doing this? We can create whatever we want within ourselves and with others. Smiling, laughing, joking, reveling together in mistakes we make and then moving on … being a movement.

Just shifting our view of ourselves, of the circumstances, makes such a big difference in how we feel, our mood and energy, how we are with others. This shift becomes contagious and easier the next time around, as we remember how we felt, we re-activate it within ourselves. We smile, laugh, awaken and intensify the light that we are … we radiate with joy even though we made a mistake. This is in-light-enment.

I leave you with a catchy phrase you can use – it’s not copyrighted: KEEP IT LIGHT AND KEEP THE LIGHT!!!