I alert you to what I’ve read recently and heard that I tie together for your consideration, always in service of your transformation and living a better life.

(1) I’m just learning about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), having purchased the manual and CD’s of the recent Tapping World Summit 2012 organized by Nick Ortner (see www.2012TappingWorldSummit.com, www.TheTappingSolution.com). I’ve been using the morning and evening clearing and affirming meditations, and reading/listening to excerpts about reducing physical pain, increasing financial abundance, growing one’s business, etc.

The practice of EFT stimulates acupuncture energy points of the body and combines this with psychological procedures (focusing on and speaking the problem at hand) in order to send signals to the brain that can impact stress chemicals (cortisol and DHEA), deactivate limbic system arousal, and alter neural pathways (due to “neural plasticity”), so that undesired responses are uncoupled from triggers in one’s life. In other words, the fight-flight responses due to the amygdala in the brain (and the stress hormones that are activated) are short-circuited, so that we don’t react like we’re running from a tiger where our brain freezes, our memory is impaired, and our body stores stress – we can think, focus, make full use of our brain, especially the capacity of the frontal lobes for problem solving.

(2) I’m not able to give you details of what I learned during the “Direct Access” course of Landmark Education, however I provide you with a high-level summary related to the topic at hand: we can shift how a stressful, troubling, undesired circumstance occurs to us, how the surrounding environment occurs, how we occur to ourselves in this situation and our correlated ways of being and acting, so that we are empowered and create a future that fulfills what is important to us in life. In my words, these shifts reprogram the neural patterns that are networked together in our brain, causing a new connection between how the situation occurs to us and how we are and act – the old survival mechanism of the amygdala in the limbic system of our brain is altered. We’re no longer in survival mode, where our fears and concerns automatically create our future (like a CD on repeat, or our brain automatically preparing our body for an attack).

(3) In his book God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Wealth, Tom Zender writes about “cranial roadways” and how our habits in life create pathways in our brain that reinforce our desire for and return to certain behavior. We can, however, change our attitude and behavior so that we break down these mental pathways. The way he puts it is that we can have a positive attitude that is part of our Spiritual Assets. He advises us to aim beyond the problem to keep up our momentum, to see the problem in the greater context, to have a more positive attitude in this context, to use affirmations, to force our thoughts to take different pathways, i.e., “neural road building”. Thus, we can speak the new future into the now, the future we desire, the something positive that the fixing of the obstacles will lead to.

In summary, for you to consider:

  • Realize our states and actions in stressful situations are many times automatic due to neural pathways, embedded networks, in our brain. We can shift these habitual patterns by creating new perspectives about ourselves, and situations in which we find ourselves.
  • See how you can shift how a situation occurs to you, how you occur to yourself in that situation, so that you feel empowered. Determine empowering ways of being and acting in the situation.
  • See the problem in a bigger context and if the problem becomes smaller in that context.
  • Use affirmations and create a positive attitude.
  • Learn about EFT, “tapping”.
  • Speaking about focusing on the positive, pay attention to your skills, gifts, talents, and focus your time on expressing these, rather than being distracted and wasting your time with activities that don’t make use of those positive aspects of yourself (see Peter Bregman’s article, “Defend Your Sweet Spot” in the HBR Blog Network (http://blogs.hbr.org/bregman/2012/06/defend-your-sweet-spot.html). Tom Zender also speaks how every situation is an investment of time, and we must access time in a spiritual way, accepting everything that comes our way and finding the best possible way forward. He asks us what we have to invest that allows us to move forward. This relates to Peter’s comments about our “sweet spot”.
  • For those of you who are trained, continue to use Sai Maa Diksha and the Brain Illumination Method to bring light into the amygdala (limbic system) and stimulate/activate the frontal lobes – a few of the many benefits of these practices.