As it is said Master Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there will I be also” (The Christ, Self, Truth, Source, God). During these turbulent, energy-infused times, all of us are served by coming together in community to support one another. This support takes different forms and impacts each of us in different ways. We can offer satsang (“company of truth” from the Sanskrit), gathering together to speak, co-create what is true for us, who we truly are. I’m offering the first Evergreen satsang this Thursday evening if anyone is interested in attending.

We can be a community of two of three or more, and just express what is going on for (in) us, our concerns, our questions, our requests. We can join existing communities, whether they be religious, spiritual, academic, professional, recreational, etc. We can create new communities that don’t yet exist, perhaps centered around a project or service.

We recently had a meeting of the Boulder community to brainstorm the about the reinvention of the center. In that conversation we shared about the purpose of community from which the vision and aspects of a “new center” will be created. I’d like to highlight some points to see if they speak to you, and can assist you in joining or creating one or more communities. From my workbook, I also add some questions and practices around this topic.

I’m going to share these points and some of my own in a few words, and see what is stirred within you in reading them. Community provides:

  • Personal connection
  • A place to be loved, to express our love
  • The opportunity to co-create a sacred space
  • More powerful energies, an energetic field that serves others and the planet
  • Ways to share, communicate, learn about ourselves and each other
  • Teachings, tools, practices for our transformation to apply in life
  • A means of creating oneness, unity, where we see and treat each other as ourselves
  • A place to belong (satisfy our need for belonging)
  • A chance to share our gifts and appreciate those of others
  • Opportunities to have fun and celebrate

From my workbook:

Questions for Reflection

Creating community supports your transformation in the path and the evolution of the planet. Reflect about your relationship to community: “Am I creating community in my life? What communities am I part of? Am I being supported and supporting others in the community? Is there any community I can join or create that will serve me and everyone?”

Our families and communities can be so powerful in our lives. Do you receive support in your spiritual path for your practices and way of life? From your family? At work? In your community? Are you a member of any spiritual community or group in which you meditate, discuss spiritual life, and practice together? Do you feel alone or part of community in the path?

Practices for Transformation

Create more community. Identify how you will come together more with others or engage more in your existing communities. Express yourself more in these settings. Encourage everyone to share about his/her personal growth and transformation and for all members to take action together that will serve the group or community.

Build community support for your practice. If you’re already in a community or supported by others, reflect about the benefits of being together. Identify any actions you’d like to take to have this support be even more powerful. Take those actions. If you’re not part of a community or supported by others, determine what steps you’ll take, conversations you’ll have, to become a member of a community or to receive support from loved ones, acquaintances, or those you don’t yet know.


I’m sure we’d all love to hear from you about how you see community, what purpose it serves for you, what communities you most value, what you recommend for creating community. Please post a comment on the blog.