I’ve been working with David Cunningham around my new offers in the world, and taking specific actions to achieve specific results during this year and next. One of these actions is creating booklets incorporating the teachings and words of Sai Maa. The first one I’m working on now is titled, “The Healing Power of Action”.

In line with my actions, and the upcoming booklet about action, I thought I’d offer you some questions to ask yourselves about action in your life right now. Use your answers to redesign any actions you’re taking, or to shift your perspective about your actions. Here goes:

  • How active would you say you are in your life right now?
  • Are you more reactive or active?
  • Do you worry more than you act? When you act, what happens to your worries?
  • Do you feel passion when you act?
  • Does your passion vary depending upon the area of your life (family, work/career, recreation)? What does this tell you?
  • Are you clear about what you want, what you desire, what you value in life, what your priorities are?
  • Do you have specific results in mind that you actions will achieve?
  • Are you specific about the time frames for your actions, who is involved, resources you need to complete the actions?
  • What actions are more difficult for you to take? What actions do you resist more than others? What does this tell you?
  • What fears come up before or during your taking certain actions? Are you able to quickly overcome these fears, or do you get stuck in them, creating drama and stories?
  • Do you have teachers, coaches, communities, that support you in taking action?
  • Do you share with others, express yourself about the actions you’re taking, your concerns or questions, what’s working or not working? How can you express yourself more?
  • What questions can you share with us on this blog that we can ask ourselves about our actions?