During the two chants last night at the Boulder Center celebrating Maa’s birthday, I deeply felt the continuity and evolution of my relationship with Maa, of Maa’s constant love and service. I am so grateful that Maa incarnated at this time when I  incarnated, that I have been with Maa for so long, and that Maa is here with all of us now at this crucial time for the planet.

During last night’s birthday celebration when we chanted “Kali Maa”, I was brought back 10-15 years in my mind, heart and energy to when we chanted this with the children and families in Betlar, the remote village where Maa’s first ashram is located in the lower Himalayas. I saw and felt Maa sitting with us around the fire, remembered the fire of Kali in Maa’s eyes, the love and devotion in the bright eyes of the locals, all of us clapping, smiling and screaming together.

Then we chanted “Jai Jai Vitale”, and I pictured a small number of Maa’s students dancing in a circle in Guruji’s room again in the middle Himalayas around the same time, in his jewel of an ashram, Binsar Mahadev. Guruji was the first Guru I knew in the line of male Gurus who loved Maa, cared for Maa, devoted themselves to Maa (Guruji, then Apaji, then Maharaji). The power of the chant, the memories, the energetic activation within me, led me to stand up and dance, to become one with the chant, Maa, Guruji, Krishna.

I recognized – and still do – the times, experiences, states of energy and consciousness with Maa back then, and the flow of the many years up to now filled with different and even more powerful experiences and expanded states. Maa has transformed, especially in the last year, energetically, physically. Our relationship has transformed and continues to, where I have less physical contact with Maa, and I do inner work to remain aligned with Maa, and to be clear and powerful in who I am, how I express myself, what I offer in the world.

At the same time, last night and now I recognize the evolution of Maa’s relationship with my daughter Becky, of my relationship with Becky, of my relationship with Maa’s and Becky’s relationship. What I mean by this is that Maa’s birth has played such a monumental role in my life, in Becky’s life, in our lives together. Maa has been with us for 18 years (in this life), has been with all of us for so many years, loving and serving, being devoted to our transformation and evolution. The relationships change, the experiences and states of consciousness change, and yet Maa is always present, loving us no matter what we do, what we decide, how we live our lives.

The Grace of the Guru, the Love of Maa, the Devotion of Maa, the Service of Maa.

Maa’s birth is serving us to give birth to ourselves every day, every minute, when we open to Maa, call upon Maa, embody and express Maa in our daily lives.

Thank you Maa, merci ma Maa. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA … I honor the Divine Mother within me, I honor Maa within me.