We often hear and repeat in our teachings, “We are all one”. This truth, this state, became very evident to me during the last two satsangs (spiritual gatherings) at the Denver Center when male prisoners from a nearby Halfway House were invited to attend.

These men were exposed to teachings, practices, and energies they had never before experienced, and many of our community members were exposed to men, a side of life, they had never before experienced.

What did we all have in common? We practiced going inside of ourselves and shifting our perspectives, becoming aware of our power in re-creating ourselves by where we place our attention, what we do with our breath, what we accept about ourselves or wish to change.

We participated in Sai Maa Diksha training during these two evenings, when eleven different prisoners came in a van together each time. I commend the teachers on delivering the teachings in a simple, down-to-earth way where everyone could understand and apply what was said. As I listened, I reflected about my own languaging and how to shift it for this and different audiences. Although it was a bit awkward for some of the men, they caught on quickly, received Diksha from community members and practiced among themselves.

They didn’t hesitate to share what they felt, and the frequent comment was they felt PEACE they had never felt before and didn’t think they ever could. They felt a warmth, tingling. They shared with smiles on their faces, surprised and even shocked. Several said they just loved being in the space – it felt so good!

They were led through a practice in which they were asked to think about an uncomfortable situation, and shift how they felt about it. They learned how they could just witness, accept, be in their heart, align with higher aspects of themselves. They could change their perspective about the situation so they weren’t stressed out, frustrated, angry, and could see how this shift would impact the rest of their day and longer. They saw how they always have the option to see things differently, and that the consequences change for themselves and others because of that choice.

When I spoke to two men during our meal break, we had teachings in common, meaning they receive mentoring around acceptance (of themselves, others, situations) and communication (expressing themselves and not holding in). Then we all chanted, led by Shirdibhai, a community member and talented performer many of us have known for years. Chanting was a first for all these men, however, they quickly got it, especially when Shirdibhai played around with his motorcycle road companion, Bruiser (his dog). We all laughed, joked, and came together even more through the chants.

Each man was given a flower before leaving, and they were very touched as most had never received a flower before from anyone. Michael from our community, who works with them and organized to bring them, told us that several got vases at the Halfway House to keep the flowers in their room.

So, let’s review our common denominators: peace, acceptance, communication, laughing, chanting, giving and receiving, AND the one common denominator between all of these … LOVE.


Eleven men were present with about 1000 people last night in Boulder as Maa offered Darshan, an energetic blessing in the presence of the Master or Guru. Each of us stood in front of Maa, as Maa brushed our face and neck with a peacock feather which came from Vrindavan, India, the home of Krishna. These men joined together in a group in front of Maa, as Maa blessed each and all of them, with the rest of us watching them directly or their image on a screen. I was fortunate to be with them before, during and after Darshan, and they were shining, smiling big smiles, hugging us, and holding the individual pink and white rose given to them by Maa. They shared how they had never experienced anything like this before, they were so happy to be with Maa and us. One told me how wonderful it is to be with our community, during the Darshan program, at the weekly satsangs in Denver, and that he is doing whatever he can to earn enough credits through his behavior and work activities so he can join us. Again, they expressed our common denominator of LOVE … and GRATITUDE. I am grateful to them for giving me and many of us the opportunity to feel and express our love, to witness their transformation, to serve them however we can to grow and flourish in their path, to welcome them into our family. Yes, we are all one: our hearts merging into one heart, our souls uniting into one soul. We are being Maa, the glory of Maa’s Love expressed through us.