The visit last night of a young man to my home reminded me of a meditation I created for my book and workbook, “Coming Home”.

He has been in our community on and off for several years, disappears for a while and then shows up again to visit or speak. He also lived for a time in our ashram, The Temple of Consciousness, in Crestone, Colorado. When he came to visit yesterday, I showed him downstairs to my meditation room, a sacred space that used to be a bomb shelter!

Upon walking into the room, he stood still, took in the room, and began to cry. As he said, the tears came in waves. We stayed in the space for some time in silence, communing with our Selves and each other, and I offered him Sai Maa Diksha at the end. When we returned upstairs and spoke about his experience, he said he really missed that energy, that experience, and I shared it was like coming home again … to himself, to Maa. The very still energy of the space is the pure love that is our inner essence we are remembering and returning to through our life experiences and, in the spiritual path, our practices and daily discipline. The remembrance, mixed with the missing and longing, are what this young man experienced, along with the grace of the love that flowed through him as he opened to it.

The meditation I wrote guides us to breathe, love the higher realms of ourselves with all the love in our heart, and bring the love and light of those realms back into our physical form. I offer the meditation below for your use.

Sitting comfortably, close your eyes and breathe consciously. Notice and appreciate each breath. Allow each breath to bring with it more and more peace and stillness. Now breathe into your heart and rest there, expanding in the love that resides there. Love your breath; love this moment. Expand even more in this love. With your breath, allow this love to move throughout your entire physical form, from just above your head to just below your feet. Allow the movement of this vibration of love to flow freely for several minutes throughout the physical form.

Now breathe just above your head, and move with the breath farther above the head with all the love in your heart. Embrace your expansion into the higher realms above you. Call upon these realms, what you may call the Presence, the Self, or the Source. Merge with this high vibration of love and light. Breathe deeply and rest in this union, this homecoming.

After several minutes, breathe deeply again and bring this one love, one light, down into your physical form and deep into the core of your heart. Breathe there, and rest in the embrace of this love for several minutes. Then, with your breath, become aware of your surroundings, of your physical body, and slowly and gracefully open your eyes. Appreciate and be present with your current state of being.