This last year has been a time of many life changes for me: where I live (a house in Evergreen); how I live (alone though never alone, with increasing interactions with our international community); how I express myself (more published writings, recordings, traveling and workshops, telecourses); my relationship with Maa (evolving, deepening, changing form). Through times of upheaval within myself (questioning of my purpose, uncertainty about what I have to offer, worries about finances, self-imposed separation from who and what matters to me), I have realigned with my Self, my soul … with Maa.

I write about this now, for you to know that this cycle of “in alignment”, “out of alignment”, “realignment”, is part of our evolutionary path, our transformational journey, our playing the game of life experience, moving in and out of illusion … and let me tell you, I’m one of the players along with all of you!

I’m now in the midst of a powerful realignment with Maa, with Self, with Source, that has come about through those times of self-doubt, questioning, non-alignment. In fact, as I write this, what I truly wish to share with you, for you to “get it” within yourself, is that it’s okay (“normal”) to be out of alignment, to be uncomfortable, to feel like you’re regressing or going backwards, to want an end to how you’re feeling right now.

The point about not being aligned is how long it lasts, how long we get stuck or embedded in the mood, energy, habitual pattern, drama, identification of this perspective about ourselves and our lives, how we and the world occurs to us, and all of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that go along with that.

So what got me out of that “stuck state”? Realizing what I was creating within myself and where that was getting me (nowhere other than suffering). Creating a new way to look at myself, and express that new perspective in the world through action. Shifting my inner relationship with Maa, which really has to do with “me with me”, my relationship with myself. Remembering to act, interact, express and communicate, as I say now, “be out of my room,” or as I put it in the old days, “be out of the cave.”

Now for the good part … the results of this shift, of this action, for me (consider what the results can be for you!):

In realigning, in truly having a sense of who I am, my talents, what brings me joy (teaching, writing, coaching, traveling … MAA!!!), I am blessed by and in the flow and movement of SHAKTI, that dynamic, creating energy of Mother. As with my book and workbook, I can’t stop writing. I wrote a first book, “The Healing Power of Action,” incorporating unpublished quotes of Maa’s – it’s now printed in English and French for the upcoming Denver, Montreal and Munich events. I’ve just finished the second booklet, “The Healing Power of Meditation,” to be printed in English and French for Munich and beyond. I’m writing the third booklet, “Less Stress, More Success.” I’ll be recording in English and French ten meditations from the meditation booklet. I’ll be touring Quebec, Europe, Japan, offering workshops, satsangs, and coaching. I’ll be offering telecourses. As Maa often says, “I could go on and on …”

ALL OF US can create from the Shakti within us, be a movement of action and outcome (without attachment), pulsate with our inner power. How? That brings us back to alignment and realignment … AND acknowledging, accepting, welcoming. This is the teaching of Maa: to acknowledge what is happening within us (oh, this is what’s going on, it’s in me), accepting all of it (I own it, I accept it, it’s okay, it is what it is), and welcoming it (I embrace everything about myself no matter what). From those three steps, or states within ourselves, we can transform what doesn’t serve us, what causes us to suffer, and thereby re-create ourselves with new perspectives, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Let these words (energies) encourage you, nourish you, inspire you, and shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions:

“It’s okay, I’m okay, everything is okay. What can I do now within myself, in my life, to know myself, to express myself, to learn, to grow, to transform? I’m not alone, never separate, always supported. I am breathing, moving into my heart, aligning once again with my Self, my soul, Source (choose words/energies that fit). I am a movement as continuous, conscious evolution. I journey in the path with everyone together … togetherness, unity, oneness. In gratitude for the blessing of life, for realizing who I am and how to express this in living my life. And so be it, and so it is.”