I’ve just finished writing my third booklet, Less Stress, More Success, and am now moving into times of travel and teaching. It’s been a month since I last wrote a blog, having focused on the series of three booklets (also The Healing Power of Action, and The Healing Power of Meditation), and recording an mp3 in English and one in French of seven meditations and two mantras (available at www.cdbaby.com/artist/swamiparameshwarananda).

In writing this booklet, and leading a workshop about stress and success in Boulder (one coming up in Denver on November 6th), I’d like to offer a few tidbits here for you to read and reflect about, posting your thoughts on the blog if you choose (which I’d love).

We tend to concentrate on the stress we’re feeling, identifying with it, creating stories and drama, worrying, tightening up even more as we pay more and more attention to it. Even in writing and teaching about “stress reduction,” we’re focusing on the stress – I use  that term however because it’s well known and attractive to audiences. As I wrote the booklet, and included many practices that reduce stress, I realized that stress dissolves when we’re still, in the heart, loving, aligned with our Self and what’s important to us in life, with our inner power. I call this “success”, and that’s where we’re to let the Law of Attention do its work. What is success for each of us? How can we focus there, and allow the stress to disappear through that focus?

Here’s what I write at the beginning of the booklet:

“I’m now going to offer you ways to reduce your stress and increase your success in life. I repeat and highlight an important consideration for you to remember as you move forward: Although you might be feeling stress, the point is not to focus on the stress itself but on actions (inner, outer) that create increased alignment, power, and expansion, thereby leading you to achieve the indicators of success mentioned above and any others added by you.

I rephrase and reinforce the above consideration by reversing the words in the title of this book to: More Success, Less Stress. The more you succeed (including in your inner/outer actions, empowerment, and energy), the less stress because the stress dissolves, is transformed, in your success. At the same time, it’s also true that the less stress you have, the more you’re able to take actions that lead to your success. I invite you to use whichever order of these four words you like, including both.

As you will see in the following practices, your focus is to be on your breath, inner stillness, essence, Self, lightness and light, new life possibilities. You’re to communicate effectively with others, manage your time and life priorities, take care of your body. You acknowledge, accept, and welcome your stress, which allows you to more easily change your focus and use these practices in your everyday life.”

Using me as a case study, when I focused in the last several months on who I really am, what I offer to the world, realizing what I love about my offer, and appreciating what I have to offer, I moved into alignment again (see the last blog about the ins and outs of alignment). I’m no longer separate from myself (my Self), which I never was in truth. My energy has shifted, the Shakti is flowing, and as a consequence, I’m acting and creating with power and passion. I had wasted time focusing on the stress, the worries, the discomfort of non-alignment, and then through some coaching and practice, the power of the realignment took over. This transition took place by moving from my mind to my heart, by getting in touch with my soul, by expressing myself with others, reinforcing and embodying my offer through conversation. I got clear about my offer, the goals I want to achieve and associated results with time frames. Because I’m feeling what I love, and have clarity about what that looks like in my life, I’m taking action to manifest it, continuing with my practices (breathing, meditation, self-expression, conversation) to keep in alignment, and coming back quickly into alignment when I’m out. I can honestly tell you there’s much less non-alignment due to the actions themselves that I’m taking.

I finish with more from what I just wrote, about action, alignment, and energy:

“We succeed and reduce our stress through action. As I wrote in The Healing Power of Action, just acting reduces our stress and heals us. Everything we do is action: we take action within ourselves (our thoughts and feelings), and in the world (our behavior and interactions).  By being conscious about our inner and outer actions and their consequences, we affect the amount of stress we produce within ourselves, and therefore the effects the stress has on our success in life. Vice versa, our actions affect our success and thereby the amount of stress we create and experience.

 We influence our success and stress through empowerment. We empower ourselves when we shift how we see ourselves (e.g., acknowledging what makes us whole, all our dimensions), and how we see our world (the possibilities inherent in our circumstances). We’re empowered when we know there’s nothing wrong with us, we have everything inside of us, and we align with and realize our inner power as love, as light. We take ownership and responsibility to create our life, and our mental, emotional, and physical health.

The levels of our success and stress transform through our energy. When we become aware of our energy (everything is energy, including our thoughts, emotions, words, all our actions), we can release energy that doesn’t serve us, expand our energy, use energy to transform ourselves and our stress, and to live in a higher frequency, as light in our daily life. Stress is based in fear and is low frequency, while living from our heart and loving is high frequency.”