Maharaji after

Swamiji pranaming to Maharaji Dec 2 2012



Sri Satuwa Baba Maharaj has left the body after 99 years in this life experience devoted to Lord Krishna, to being an expression of loving devotion for all of us, showing how we can realize ourselves as Atma (Soul), Self, Source. Maharaji’s devotion to Mother, to our Sai Maa, Mataji, has been a living example for our community. The following is my testimonial after being a witness to Maharaji’s Jal Samadhi, the immersion of his sacred physical form into the water.

Honoring, respecting, grieving, mourning, tears, pranams, multitudes of devotees back and forth, encircling the body, the physical presence of Maharaji for the last time before immersion in Mother Ganga.

What comes to me again now, remembering what was written by Mataji in notes this morning, shared by shisyas meeting with Maa, is the importance of cherishing Maa, each moment in Maa’s presence, to show our love and respect in our focus, commitment, with each action, even in how we look upon Maa when Maa is present with us. Maa as Maa, Maa as Guru, Maa as Maharaji.

Maa shared about the loneliness of no longer having the physical presence of Maharaji “to play and dance, to be Maa 100%, thus no judgment … no more support, understanding, love, divinity, in the physical”. Another teaching: “Is there anything greater than Devotion?” This Guru to Guru love, devotion, tenderness, caring, the knowingness and embodiment of oneness consciousness. As humans we project onto Maa (Guru), we get caught up in our illusory thoughts and emotions and forget about Maa, or we judge Maa, we put a distance between Maa and ourselves, so we can’t play together.

In viewing Maharaji yesterday, in watching the Jal Samadhi entering the Ganga, I remember now being together with Maharaji laughing, enjoying Maharaji’s sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes, experiencing first-hand Maharaji’s joy to learn and practice English, writing in a journal, or so carefully writing sweet notes to Maa. Maharaji practiced reading English aloud, using transcripts I had prepared of his satsangs in Crestone and Boulder. Such a thirst to learn, especially to be able to speak with all of us more fluently. I loved holding Maharaji’s hand or arm, as we walked slowly together, the great love and powerful Shakti moving through Maharji to me. I love Maharaji’s love, activated within me, as happens with Mataji’s love – the Guru’s love for us reminding us of our love, allowing us to express this love again so naturally.

In our memories, in reminding ourselves and activating what we feel for Maharaji (for Mataji, for Guru), let us say to ourselves what Maharaji has said so often to all of us: “Come soon, quickly, immediately.” Come to this love, devotion, Krishna consciousness, Source, where Maharji has been, is now, and all ways will be.