Birthday photo with Maa 3


Birthday photo with Maa 4


I am sitting in my room at the Maharishi Ayurvedic Clinic in Delhi, a place and a time for transformation that I only experience due to the presence of Sai Maa, Maa, Mataji in my life, among so many opportunities that have come and will continue to come in my life. After my time with Maa in Kashi for the Val Samadhi of our Beloved Maharaji (Sri Satuwa Baba Maharaj), the immersion of his body into the Ganges River, and the celebration of my 63rd birthday, I am now on a month-long pilgrimage throughout India before traveling to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad for five weeks mid-January.

As my life unfolds so perfectly by the grace of Maa, my first day in the clinic for Panchkarma treatment is 12-12-12, and they call me for my pulse diagnosis at noon! I just finished soothing, releasing, freeing treatments, including Abhyanga or herbalized oil massage by two men simultaneously applying the oil on both sides of my body; Naadi Swed or the spraying of steam on my whole body; Shirodhara or bathing of my head by having medicated oil dripped slowly on my forehead (so relaxing!); and Hriday Basti or herbal oil poured into a circular herbal paste form placed over my heart. I then returned to have a delicious meal of kitcheri, different vegetables, rice and dal, and japati (bread).

I sit here in a very rested state, looking at a recent photo of Maa smiling radiantly, and I have to write this blog right now.

I appreciate more and more that I have an enlightened master, a Divine Mother, a Guru in my life. I know many critique Gurus, react emotionally and speak about clones or sects or cults. Yes, there have been cases that might induce people to use such terms and cause such judgments (although we know judgment comes from the ego). I can only speak/write about my time with Maa, and what I am experiencing now, as I have for so many years.

I ask you to look at the two photos above of Maa and myself. In the first one, look deep into Maa’s eyes, and feel the love and compassion streaming from every fiber of Maa, and know the same to be coming from me as I glance upon Maa, and even more accurately, merge with Maa in our love for one another. The tears in Maa’s eyes thanking me for being with Maa, as I thank Maa for being with me. The tears of grace, of recognition, of love, devotion, and gratitude. This is appreciation: my appreciation for Maa, Maa’s appreciation for me, in oneness.

Now look at the other photo, and feel the blessing Maa is bestowing upon me, Maa’s hands of light placed on my head, penetrating my brain and whole being, illuminating me, expanding within me. A blessed offering of Maa, a higher frequency energy serving me in my transformation. The grace of Maa, the grace of love, the grace of light. Feel this entering your brain, your entire being.

Maa is serving us in every moment, and many of us are not aware of the quantity, the quality, the constancy of the Shakti (dynamic, creative energy) Maa provides for us to evolve. In these times, right at this moment, the energies coming on the planet are unique, never before experienced, intense and piercing. Maa spoke of the vortex of energy being created today on the planet. Maa is doing work right now with this vortex for the planet, unfortunately on an airplane which makes it harder on the body, as Maa travels to Albany from India for Shiva Nights to serve all night long for two nights.

The more we appreciate Maa, or any Master in our lives, any Guru we have decided to be with in our spiritual path, the more we merge in this love, in this light, the more we are blessed by the grace of the Master. This is truly a time to surrender, meaning surrendering to our soul, our Higher Self, our Truth, our essence as Love, the light within us that is activated by the Master, that becomes more and more evident to us as ourselves as we become more aware, conscious, realized. The spark or candle flame within us is illuminated and expanded by the sacred fire, the furnace of divine light, embodied in our Master, so we then know ourselves as that, and live as that in the third dimension.

Please look at the photos of Maa and me once more. Take in the energies, and sit with whatever resonates within you, whatever is activated and rises within you. Be with this for several moments, appreciating what you are experiencing and who you are as this. Appreciating yourself with Maa, with Master, until you realize yourself as Maa, as Master, as Self. Write me with whatever you experience, the state created within you.