Here are some of the words I shared before Maa’s global address on December 12th, with some variation and additions.

Maa asked us, has asked me several times, why am I here, what am I doing here? I don’t have to be here to do the work.

Maa doesn’t need to be here. What does that feel like to hear this? I was speechless at first, I couldn’t answer. Then I said Master, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Maa’s gang, asked Maa to be here (a selfish reminder on my part to keep Maa here).

I’ve become much more aware during my trip to Kashi, being with Maa during the Jal Samadhi of Maharaji, during my 63rd birthday, during many satsangs with Maa sharing written teachings, especially when Maa wrote in silence: DO NOT TAKE THE MASTER FOR GRANTED – meaning the Master as Maharaji, as Maa, any Master.

Seeing the physical body of Maharaji entering the Ganga, seeing the bodies burning on the pyres at the burning ghat just outside Maharaji’s ashram, hearing Maa speak about not being here – these are all wake-up calls for me, emphasizing the PRECIOUSNESS of every moment with Maa, of being in a body, of living life consciously. Maa asked us to ask ourselves: What am I doing now, how am I filling my time between birth and death, am I taking Maa for granted, am I realizing the Master within me, what is my legacy for future generations? These questions are leading me to a new level of commitment, of devotion to Maa, of devotion to my Self. Please ask yourselves the same questions and see where you end up.

I realized in Kashi, it’s so easy to “zone out”, to be distracted, to lose my focus (Maa never does; we experienced one very palpable example, when Maa cared in every second for the body of Maharaji as it was being prepared to enter the Ganga). If we “zone out”, it’s okay, we can just realize it and come back in the zone quickly, in alignment. Sitting in Maa’s presence in Kashi, I’d start thinking, drifting. I would constantly come back to Maa, look into Maa’s eyes, take in all of Maa, merge. We can all do this whether we’re in Maa’s physical presence or not, just by saying, Maa, Maa, Maa, or I Am Shiva, I Am Atma, whatever action within ourselves that brings us back to our Self.

I was thinking during dinner tonight here at the Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi, it might help us to create a survey from 1 to 5: how often am I spending my time with problems, suffering, stories, drama, distortions, and how often am I spending my time with my light, my Atma, my Presence, my Maa? We can keep a running survey, track our daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute focus, and make adjustments as needed (most likely, many adjustments for most of us).

Know that the more time we spend with the light, our Atma, Presence, Maa, the more the distortions are purified, dissolved, transformed in the light – we don’t have to do anything but stay with the light, come back to it, use it – we can decide to fill our time between birth and leaving the body with the light, and all is taken care of by itself.

Maa is asking us to be aware, alert, active, to create with the light and the Masters, to do light work continuously in our consciousness, in the matter of the body, to free ourselves of distortions of the mind and personality, to let our Presence embody us. It’s as easy as we make it, as easy as remembering that the light is available to us, the light is within us, and using it for our evolution, individually and collectively. The more we practice, the greater the transformation and the easier our life gets.

Each of us is here in a body to do the work, so let’s show Maa we’re doing the work, we’re transforming, not to keep Maa here, but to be the light as Maa is, so we can play with Maa, play and co-create with the Masters as Masters. Maa wrote about loneliness, that Maa has no one to play with, as Maa played with Maharaji, or Apaji, Guruji, Guru Nathan, other Gurus who have been in Maa’s life and played with Maa in the past in the physical. We’re always asking, sending Maa emails upon emails, even those who have left Maa are coming back to ask for something (let me be clear, Maa is not complaining; it’s just a fact). Here’s another question to ask ourselves, and I include myself here: Am I asking or acting?

Following are some words of Maa’s about how we can do the work, the actions we can take, accessing the power within us, the love of and from our Presence through which we can heal ourselves:

“How can I remind you of the power of life within you? How can I make your daily life much easier? You have used human consciousness for a long long time, so you now live in a limited life. So now I wonder how can you overcome this limited consciousness so you do not live in doubt any longer? You have that greater Power of Life in you; you can do miracles. Clear you mind, clean your feelings, your emotions, so you can be available for love, for Grace, for divine activities, fulfilling the divine plan, serving greater consciousness, starting to invoke the Ascended Masters’ consciousness.”

“Required for all healing is the love of your own life, which is the love of and from your Presence, always within your body, within the atomic structure. As long as there is a consciousness within the mind, as long as there is energy in the body, the light of your own light, which is only the love of your Godly Presence, all healing is the settling of light that is already within you. All healing is a release of light from your Presence, so you are free from the discordances that have been imposed upon the light. All healing is a release of light, which is the purity of life of your own Mighty Presence. The love of your Beloved has trusted, accepted the physicality, a divine activity.”