After a nap at around 5 pm on Christmas Eve, I decided to do some errands in the streets of Puttaparthi, and then wandered to the ashram where I heard voices streaming through my apartment singing Christmas carols and chants.

Seeing the many shoes gathered at the entrance of the ashram, I knew there were many devotees in the mandir, and I was correct – it was filled with thousands of people, hundreds standing outside the gates watching the program and a large screen that showed everything happening at the front of the mandir.

I spent time there, watching and hearing the choir chant “Sathya Sai Ram”, the small orchestra with the violin solos during the chants. I watched those watching the screen next to me, including a Russian (I think) woman wiping away tears as she chanted along, calling her husband over who had tears in his eyes and watched for a while and then walked away wiping away his tears. I watched the faces of men and women watching Baba on the screen in a video, folding their hands at their heart in respect, as he walked among devotees collecting letters, waving his hand slowly and gracefully as we loved him to do, wiping perspiration from his forehead and mouth. I remember Maa saying to Baba why not stop these Darshans in the later years, and he said they come to see me and I must be there for them.

I feel the great peace settling through me when I am in the ashram, I breathe easily, come into my heart, when I watch Baba, remembering the last fifteen years or more visiting the ashram and being at Darshan with Baba, being with Maa in the bedroom of Maa’s apartment overlooking the mandir as we looked at Baba (Maa loved those binoculars sitting in the sacred geometry structure in a rocking chair looking at Her Beloved Guru!).

I am glad to return to that peace, love, inner harmony, in the ashram and with my memories, and embraced by the present Shakti, Love (Prem) of Baba and Maa. Thank you to these Gurus, and to all Gurus, who are so devoted to us and serve without conditions and expectations. Thank you to Master who incarnated at this time, or another, it doesn’t matter. We are blessed by our lineage of Divine Love and Compassion, of Divine Masculine and Feminine, of Living in Love as Light Incarnate.