As I ready to leave Pondicherry this morning, I recall with deep gratitude some of the highlights and take them with me in the present, continuing my journey to Mumbai, and then on to Allahabad and the Kumbh.

First is the blessing to be in the Presence of two great Masters, reminding me of the blessing of having a living Master in my life for so many years and many more to come. For those of you reading this, who are devoted to Sai Maa, the teachings, the Work, breathe in the Presence of Maa right now, how Maa is always in our breath, in our heart, in our entire being, at all times. Also know that Maa is with everyone, whether devoted or not, as Maa is our love, our essence, our Self, so everyone breathe in Maa now. Then breathe in the Presence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, of Baba, of Ramana Maharshi, of all those who are living on the planet and those whose energies and Shakti still remain to serve humanity.

I highlight the manifestation of the Matrimandir, a shrine for unity among all human beings, a sacred space for inner concentration, a tool to do the Work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, of our Maa, in illuminating our consciousness and physical matter, in bringing this light of Self deep into the cells for our transformation. As you read this, breathe in this light of Self, this eternal light that is always here for us, and even more piercing, purifying, and present through the new energies coming on the planet for the New Era of Light. For those of you who have participated in Maa’s 40 Days of Light, and those working with the light, breathe in the light and say to yourselves, “Light, Light, Light!” Be still and Be Light.

I remember with appreciation the seva done by all those at the Ashram, at the Ashram dining hall, at Auroville, many who have been here for years, and many who come and go. Selfless service. Let us all breathe in these offerings of so many souls, and recognize within ourselves how we serve, the seva we do, whether in our relationships with others including family, our communications, community work and projects, whatever actions we take that serve, including shifting our thoughts, emotions, words and actions to be of the highest, to spread the light to others and the planet. Whatever inner and outer actions we take, however big or small we think they are. Take a moment to appreciate how you serve in your life.

Now let us appreciate the food we have to eat, where the food comes from, who has worked with the food to get it to us. I highlight this as I still taste the final breakfast I just had at the Ashram, feel gratitude for the pure, healthy, vibrant food I ate for six days, picture the lines of people waiting to be served and siting in rooms filled with photos of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother looking at them as they eat, and reminding us of their eternal Presence. I see the same woman who has taken from me at every meal my silver thali (plates) and placed them in a huge pot of soapy water. Take a moment and thank those who serve you, whatever form that seva takes.

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey so far, and for taking your own journeys of transformation. On to Mumbai (Bombay).