I’ve been in Bombay (Mumbai) for two days with no profound spiritual adventures, although I would like to share some new insights and another blessing offered to me by Maa last night.

Quite a contrast entering the city from the airport, with thousands of auto rickshaws, traffic jams, as I made my way in the hotel taxi to my quarters near the airport. I had organized for a room through the Internet, finding a great deal at a well reviewed hotel. When I entered my room on the seventh floor, I realized it to be the smallest room I had ever been in, with a bed, a bit of space next to it, a small low armoire I could place my suitcase on, and the bathroom – a highly efficient junior single. What came to mind was Maa speaking of creating rooms for inner contemplation, like prison rooms, where the food would be slipped through a small window at certain times of the day. Well, here I was. Of course, I exaggerate.

I ate a not bad veg biryani in the downstairs restaurant, and returned to appreciate the unique qualities of my room: the device for my air conditioner that didn’t work too well, as I tried to turn reduce the cold temperature and speed of the cold air blowing down on my bed; keeping the noise of the AC going in order to reduce the reverberating sounds of the screaming children in the small space outside my window originating down seven floors; turning the air off when I slept to wake up at 5 am and turning it back on to drown out the sounds of the cooing pigeons on the air conditioner outside my window, and the sound of the elevator next door to my room (and some ringing sound coming from where I do not know outside). I finally got the room to “working condition” for the next day and night, and left this morning to another hotel with a much larger room nearby the store where I am having new clothes made for me.

Maa and I had spoken about these new clothes that I will wear at corporate trainings (if you know of any opportunities to offer stress reduction or meditation workshops, do let me know), and to travel and teach in certain countries in Europe as well as in Japan. I am very happy with what is being tailored right now, and will provide photos at some point shortly after the Kumbh. Of course, I will still wear my current clothing except at these chosen locations.

Insight: So, as I stayed in my room, and traveled in auto rickshaw back and forth to the men’s clothing store, I realized I had the opportunity to activate the light within me, to align with Maa and all the energies I had established and anchored in all the cities and ashrams and with the Samadhi I have described over the last several weeks. We can all do this no matter where we are, breathing in, saying to ourselves, “Light, Light, Light!”, or “Maa, Maa, Maa!”, re-activating and re-aligning in the realization that we are always light, always with our Beloved Soul and Solar Angel, always one with our higher selves in multiple dimensions, remembering we are all ways (Maa’s spelling) supported and loved and served by Maa, ascended and living masters, the “gangs” of light beings here for us now and forever.

Last night’s blessing: This always happens. Maa calls me just when I have delayed a bit to wait until I feel it’s late enough in the morning to call (or anytime when I intend on calling). Of course, there’s no need to wait until it’s later in the morning, because as Maa said, Maa is always doing the work at all hours, specifically now for the JOPH graduates who have gathered in Naples, Florida to be with Maa. I knew this was happening, as I had intended on attending before my unexpected three-month stay in India, Becky is there with the group, and I regularly tuned in over the three days, glancing to see what time it was here and there, and thinking what might be happening there when I tuned in.

When Maa called, we discussed the color of my new clothes (no, not just white!), and then Maa asked me about my pilgrimage, and I shared about being with all the Masters who had left their bodies, pranaming to the Samadhi, and realizing Maa is still with us in the physical form, and the blessing of this recurring realization. We spoke about this, and Maa also shared about Maa’s gratitude for those JOPH graduates who have attended this program in Naples, the time they took during the holidays, the fact that they didn’t have to be there, and are devoting themselves to do the Work. Maa then asked if I would like to share Maa’s gratitude, and my insights from my pilgrimage, to the group on the phone in a few hours when the program would start at 10 am yesterday. I was thrilled and honored to share what I had learned, and what Maa had just shared with me, and to be verbally if not physically with the group.

As the telephone reception was not good in my room (another quality I forgot to mention above), I ended up in the hallway outside my room at 8:30 pm India time when Christian called me, and Becky (!), to plug me into the group to speak as their last day began with Maa. I started with “Om Jai Jai Sai Maa, Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Sai Ram,” and I heard the voices of everyone repeating what I said. What a joy to be with everyone!

I spoke to them about Maa’s gratitude, about acknowledging they had chosen to be with Maa to do the Work, how Maa appreciates that choice and the time spent with them. I then shared about my pilgrimage, what I have realized more and more about the blessing of being with Maa’s physical presence, of Maa speaking to us in a body with words and teachings that other Masters cannot share when they have left the body (Maharaji, Baba, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Ramana Maharshi, Master Jesus), of NO ONE out there doing this kind of work with light and the consciousness and matter, illuminating the cells (as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother did when they were in bodies), of Maa saying that Maa didn’t know where the Work is going (and the condition of Maa’s physical form), and the importance of our commitment and devotion to Maa and the Work. The importance of our deciding to attend programs with Maa (including the new program, “Journey of Enlightened Awareness” coming up in June), to benefit from Maa’s physical presence, the Shakti and Love of Maa, the teachings, the practice, the light work.

I was then asked to share about the Kumbha Mela, which I did and will not share in this blogust – just come to the Kumbh!!! I then shared as asked about “passion,” since the Naples program is “Living a Passionate Life.” The passion of realizing Maa is with us and being present with that 100%, of aligning with Maa’s Shakti and Love, the joy that comes with this alignment and the gratitude, both so related to passion, the passion of doing the Work. I was then asked to lead a meditation with the group, moving them into a state to greet Maa as Maa entered the hall yesterday morning.

I ask that you now tap into your Love for Maa, what realizing Maa is physically with us means to you, what this realization creates within you, feeling your gratitude and joy and passion in being with Maa and doing the Work. You can do this even if you have not yet met Maa, do not “know” Maa in that sense, realizing Maa as Love, as Self, as who we all are always and don’t yet realize consciously.

I have three more days in Mumbai. Being in a city of moviemaking, I will be seeing two movies showing in English. I don’t think I’ll blog about them, although you never know, and I will visit the MahaLakshmi and Ganesh temples which I will probably share about. Until then, adieu, and please mention this blog to others so we can expand our circle of bloggers and partners in the path. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA