I’ve been in Allahabad at the Kumbh for a week. A week that feels like years, as is always the case when I’m with Maa (many can attest to the same experience). As Maa said to the group an hour ago, breaking silence because the first group is leaving tomorrow, we are here at the Kumbh, we are here in life, to remember, to know ourselves again as Atma, Soul, to realize that we are already enlightened and are only light. We are not the maya or illusion of what we think we are, not the limiting thoughts and feelings we identify with, that are created by the limited mind, the ego. Maa offered me another blessing yesterday morning after meditation and Aarti, by asking me to read from Maa’s seva book, those gems that are filled with profound teachings, pearls of wisdom as I say. The last sentence I read, one that is placed on our schedule board for everyone to remember is: USE THE SHAKTI OF KUMBH FOR A RAPID REARRANGEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Why don’t we use the Shakti of Maa, always present for and within us, to do the same every day, tapping into the transformative power of Creation? When we surrender, allow, devote ourselves to Maa, or any Guru or enlightened Master, we are in truth bowing to and merging with our true Self. When we have the blessing of being in the presence of a living Guru, we are not to take that divine being for granted, through our devotion we allow the Master as a roaring sacred fire to spark our flame so that it grows and expands until we know ourselves as that divine being.

Since arriving at the Kumbh, the discipline of our practices, and the regular schedule of Darshan for thousands and thousands who are attracted to Maa throughout Allahabad and beyond, enable us to go within, to gain new “in-sights”, to commune with our soul, our Atma, to take the time to know ourselves. Our schedule: 6:30 am meditation (mantras, pranayama, chanting of OM), Sai Maa Diksha, Aarti, breakfast (the meals are delicious … and not spicy!), seva (selfless service, chores), lunch, rest, seva, Darshan with Maa at 4:30 for students and the general public, dinner, sometimes satsang/teachings with Maa, Hindu deity movies for the general public. Interspersed during some days are visits to the nearby campsite of Santosh Dasji (Mahantji, the successor of Maharaji). A refreshing walk past different camps to reach the water, and a trip with Maa in boats on the Ganga, making calling sounds to the seagulls and throwing them food, as Maa laughs and listens to our mostly in unison chants from the different boats.

We just completed the first of five yagnas (fire ceremonies) that are taking place here over the five weeks, all night long, with each of us offering to the sacred fire twice during 2-hour shifts of eleven students each. Maa is working energetically on everyone who is sponsoring the yagnas (this one was for health and well being), as well as those who are part of the lineage program, where Maa is cleansing us of impurities, obstacles, low vibration energies from past generations. Maa stated this morning that this Maha Kumbh (every 12 years in Allahabad which is the “biggest of the big”) is unlike any other Kumbh, the most powerful ever, serving everyone here and the planet.

The majesty and power of our Maa as a Master, as a Divine Mother, as a Jagadguru, are now recognized and honored in India, reflected in the very large parcel of land Maa received to build our shivir (campsite), that is centrally located, unlike years ago when we were far away on a small piece of land. The design and construction of the camp are now representative of the grace, elegance, and impeccability of our Maa. Thousands are coming to pranam (bow their heads in respect) to Maa, a natural practice in India for so many who are devoted from birth to Masters and deities. Each day media come from TV stations, newspapers, all craving interviews with Maa, while several students are interviewed about why they have come to the Kumbh, what attracts them, their backgrounds.

Maharaji is not physically present here, however his love for and devotion to Maa, and to all of us, are palpable and intermingled with the Shakti of Maa, all of the Gurus and Saints present here, and Mata Ganga, the sacred Ganges River. We had our first Sai Snan (sacred bath) with millions, including a procession to the water, on January 14th, with two more to come next month. Cleansing by dunking ourselves three times, with Maa beside us in the water dunking, splashing, and laughing! This reminds me of times when we were all with Maa and Maharaji in the Ganga, doing the same, also Maa holding Maharaji in the water off the island of Mauritius where Maa was born, as he floated gracefully on his back.

As Maa often says, “I could go on and on,” however I won’t. I invite you to post some questions about what you’d like to know about the Kumbh, our time here, whatever comes to you as you read this. Thank you for being with me, with all of us, at such a sacred, powerful time on the planet. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA