I begin with some tidbits about the Kumbh week, then some teachings from a satsang I held with the Japanese group, then a recognition I came to through my time with Maa (thus the title of this blog).

Kumbh remembrances:

  • Some personal time with Maa, as always nourishing and invigorating me, immersing me in my devotion and love for Maa, deepening and accelerating my transformation.
  • Appreciating the qualities and practices of the Japanese: complete openness and curiosity about the Indian culture and Maa’s teachings, wonderment and delight at whatever arises, a “gung-ho” spirit, always ready, prepared, showing up ahead of time for scheduled activities, the comfort and efficiencies of order, organization, and discipline
  • Laughing as we throw snack food up the air and into the Yamuna River at hundreds of sea gulls swooping and gathering around our boats (including Maa’s), as we call them with “Ahwoooooooo!” – so far a weekly activity with Maa
  • Cherishing with pride my guru, as two well known gurus sit on stage with Maa offering discourses to us (in the outside Darshan area of our campsite) – gurus who are very selective about who they visit at the Kumbh – and remembering the time years ago when Maa wasn’t allowed to sit on the stage with other male gurus because Maa is a woman.
  • The yagna today for “Material and Spiritual Abundance,” hearing the “Swaha’s” (“So Be It!) in the background as I write this post (I’m on the 5-7 am shift tomorrow morning of offering to the sacred fire). Wait, I have to lie down for a 15-minute rest-the-body relaxation period! More to come …
  • The opportunity I had to share some time and teachings with the group, reminding me of the ten years I spent working with the Japanese in the 80’s, and traveling to Japan, at a time when they were opening up many US offices and I consulted with Japanese management about localization and human resources practices to use when working with Americans. Our satsang including among others the following points:
    • My gratitude to the group for coming to a country they haven’t experienced before, to be with Maa who many have not met before, to dive into practices they haven’t done before.
    • The key to alignment and enlightenment being devotion and discipline, two actions/states I feel are inherent in the Japanese culture: they are devoted to family, work, country, spirit, and disciplined in their organization and commitment to practice).
    • The power of love, like the love I felt when I first met Maa, and my first words of asking for Maa to embrace me in her arms; how this love is inside all of us, and is activated by the presence of our guru.
    • The importance of breathing and being a movement, how breathing and the three steps of acknowledging, accepting, and welcoming bring us freedom and into the flow of alignment.

I end with a realization that is bringing me even closer to Maa, as my Self, and recurs now as a regular practice for me.

I have always been devoted to Maa since our first meeting (except for a very short period of doubt I describe in my book, In the Path of Light with Maa). As Maa says, devotion is not an emotion, it’s a state of being and doesn’t go up and down like emotions. Maa spoke recently about adoration – I think it was in the context of being with your guru. Just take in this word, its meaning, its energy, whatever arises in you. When I call upon this adoration within me, when I remind myself to adore Maa, that I adore Maa, I am completely present with Maa, my eyes and heart are fixed upon Maa when I have the blessing to be in Maa’s presence, when I see Maa in my mind’s eye during meditation or when I pause and close my eyes. We can all adore Maa with eyes open or closed, in Maa’s presence physically or within us.  This also extends to adoring the light we activate within us during our practices, when we remember that we actually are light. We can adore our multidimensionality, all of the higher aspects of ourselves that are always available to us when we remember.

In this adoration (especially of Maa), I merge and move into oneness, I experience union and become that state of unity, a unified field of light as Maa speaks of during the 40 Days of Light program. We access our unified field of consciousness by devoting ourselves to and adoring our divinity as Maa, as love, as light. I ask that you remember this, fill your practice and everyday life with adoration, and see what happens. Let me know, inform me about the different aspects and impacts of adoration. Remember: devotion … adoration … union.