I know that I only wrote two blogs from the Kumbh, the last one at the end of January, and some of you may have been waiting for more communication. My explanation is that I was immersed in the energy of the Kumbh, my sadhana (daily practice), and the many activities during the five weeks there, and then I returned to Evergreen 2 ½ weeks ago.

Importantly, I am still in that place of devotion and adoration that I described in my last blog, for Maa, for Self, for all of the dimensions that I am, that we are.  I continue to access this space within me through my daily practice of being still, breathing, opening to and calling upon my Atma, and all the dimensions within me.

For your own practice, I remind you all about adoration, and also about the importance of going for it, not wasting time, taking action now, to access these dimensions (energies, states) within us, thus transforming ourselves as we allow them to move through us. For me, this combination of adoration and urgency (Now!) intensifies the effects, the results of this inner work. Of course, underlying this work is trust and faith, for me a deeper knowingness that these dimensions, energies, are part of me, always present to be activated and used for my transformation. Let my knowingness reinforce the same within you, so that you devote yourselves to this inner work and transformation.

Today is Maha Shivaratri, the celebration of Lord Shiva, the deity, God, energy that transmutes, transforms, destroys for new creation to take place. Shiva is that Shiv, pure space, pure consciousness that we are in essence. I am reminded of this pure consciousness that was so prevalent at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, and is still so present as I access this energy, Shakti. Maa is activating this energy within us, having asked us to only chant during satsangs (community gatherings) so that the Kumbh energy moves through us. Maa will activate this Kumbh energy, healing power, as we chant with Maa on March 31st in Denver. During my practice, as I breathe and open, I activate this unified field, this oneness consciousness of the Kumbh energy. I become a unified field of all of my dimensions, this wholeness.

I feel NEW since being at the Kumbh, and as I practice and access/activate these energies. I think that many of you can identify with this sense, feeling, state of NEWNESS, since the energies coming on the planet, let alone the Kumbh energies, penetrate and transform us, especially when we are conscious and open. New energies, new states, new species, a new era of light and oneness.

In this unfolding path of being NEW, I provide you below with one of the many photos taken of me during a photo shoot that took place a week ago with four wonderful photographers and community members (Julia, Rayna, Stephan and Madison). I intend on placing some of these photos on Facebook, and will be using them for new flyers, bios, and website pages. The new look, the new clothes, are just part of the package of my “becoming”, of the new and evolving energy, consciousness, state, realization, manifestation of the New Swamiji. I write this from a place, a perspective, a context, of all of us transforming and being NEW, newer and newer with each day, with each breath, with each practice and moment that we spend devoting ourselves to our inner work and inner/outer transformation. I’m no different in my newness than all of you; I’m just writing about it!

That’s it for now. Write back and share your own sense of NEWNESS, of what the combination of adoration and urgency means for you in your practice or approach to living your life.