I’ve been reminded over and over again how I set limits to my relationship with Maa, even after all our years together. I think many of you can identify with this limiting perspective and associated behaviors, whether it’s about Maa or about anyone or anything in our lives. I say to myself, Maa is very busy, occupied with traveling, programs, non-stop seva. I don’t want to disturb Maa. I don’t want to add to Maa’s schedule, I want to leave space.

A recent powerful example of this was when Maa asked me why I don’t call and ask to see Maa. I’m not saying that everyone is to call Maa and invite themselves to be with Maa. Discernment is important in relationships. However, it never occurred to me that Maa would wish for me to do this, especially in this particular circumstance and timing. I was mistaken, and the choice I made came from a limited awareness of what was possible for me in my relationship with Maa.

I use this as a lesson for all of us to take a look at our self-limiting perspectives, at how we create barriers to what is actually possible for us that can bring us great joy, transform our lives, fulfill what we truly want deep down, or even at the surface. The universe has an “open door policy”: what an outlook!!! We are the ones who close the doors in our mind’s eye, so that we do not enter a new, more abundant and miraculous reality.

Maa has offered me again great wisdom, opened my eyes, increased my awareness, which enables me to realize what I am offered in my relationship with Maa, thus my relationship with my Self, with Life, with the realm of all possibilities always present. This is truly REALIZATION, of all the open doors that are here for us at any moment. Doors to the multiple dimensions of who we are, to what we can access in life, by shifting our perspective, opening to a new awareness that allows us to see the open doors and walk through them, progressing in our path of conscious evolution, in the path to the light, to Maa, to Self.