Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s also in the energy of the beholder and what is beheld.

Take a look at the beauty of Mona Lisa above: her smile, her eyes, the graceful position of her hands, the curves of her body, nature that surrounds her … whatever else you see and feel.

Beauty is high vibration, it touches our heart, it resonates with our inner essence which is the highest vibration of love, it is aligned with our soul. We are attracted to beauty, we smile, we admire, we are stimulated and energized in its presence.

What is beauty for you? How do you define it? How do you know when it is present? How do you feel when you see it, hear it, sense it, perceive it? What is created inside of you when you are in the presence of beauty?

For me, beauty is associated with grace, elegance, refinement, richness, impeccability, harmony, balance … what words/energies come to you?

I am reminded of, immersed in, beauty when I am with Maa, when I think about Maa. I had the honor, blessing, pleasure, joy, of being with Maa recently as we were surrounded by beauty Maa has created, nature has created, we created together.

What comes to me about this time is feeling completely at home, so comfortable, so natural, while also feeling ecstatic, bubbling, pulsating, as I walked around, admired, noticed and became more and more aware of all the beauty around me, in every “nook and cranny” of what surrounded me. Being immersed in this beauty, I was in my heart, and I smiled, laughed, and relished everything I saw, heard, smelled, touched, and tasted. Maa didn’t know the word “relish”, yet it so perfectly describes sensing and taking in this beauty.

So, back to the eye of the beholder. I invite you to notice the beauty around you, breathing slowly and taking it all in, appreciating it, being gratitude for its presence in your life.

I ask you to take whatever actions lead you to surrounding yourself with, immersing yourself in, enjoying, whatever is beauty for you (e.g., nature, any of the arts, clothing, cuisine, décor, any relationships). Ask yourself what you can create right now in your life that is beautiful, how you can increase beauty in your life? Once you’re clear, take action and manifest it.

Visualize what is beautiful to you, see it, feel it, make it as palpable as possible within you. Move in your heart and love this beauty. With all your heart, create the intention that this beauty appear in your life. See it manifested. Take a deep breath, and let it move through you.

Continue to reflect about beauty as often as you like, answering some of the questions posed earlier in this blog. Notice examples in your life, become more aware of them, appreciate them. Commit to regularly create beauty in your life, to surround yourself with it. Notice your energy when beauty is present, the state of your being, how your thoughts and feelings change.

Post on this blog what beauty is for you, what you are aware of now about beauty compared with before, how you are creating more beauty in your life.

Look at Mona Lisa again and smile.