I’ve written before, and Maa has said, we’re a movement … of energy, of Shakti, of creation. So I add now: let’s keep on movin’! It has also been sung before.

Movin’ means acting, expressing, breathing and moving through resistance, hesitation, going with the flow, going for it, daring, tapping into the power of Creation within us, moving with the rhythm of life, our divine impulse as Maa says. It means not comprising or resting in the status quo, reinventing ourselves (FYI, I’ve created a new workshop called, “Revive, Renew, Reinvent!”).

Trust and faith come into play here, again. Trusting that we have everything within us, abundance, power, multiple dimensions, gifts, talents, inner wisdom and knowingness. Having faith that we are much more than this physical body, not limited by or attached to the identity we’ve created for ourselves.

Speaking about identity, and about moving (on more than one level as you’ll see), I’d like to share about myself. Just before I met Maa almost 19 years ago, I lost my identity, meaning I lost many external references I had created my identity around: my mother and brother died, I was fired from my job, I got divorced. I was a blank slate, tabula rasa, and Maa appeared (you can read much more about this in my book, In the Path of Light with Maa). Once with Maa, my identity has been recreated over and over again, and my movement has accelerated (through decisions and actions for my transformation).

I’m no longer at the Crestone ashram as the “Resident Spiritual Master” (identify by title). I moved to Evergreen … and now I’m moving to Scottsdale, AZ. By moving, I don’t just mean physically transporting myself, but what underlies these moves. I’m recreating myself and how I show up in the world, how I express myself, what I offer to others. I know the move is right, and I’m going with it without hesitation. When the possibility of moving to Scottsdale came up at Maa’s Denver event, and in a conversation and texts I had with Maa, my immediate response was “Yes, Maa!”. Again, this means knowing it’s right, being ready and acting. Knowing that this decision, this action, is blessed by Maa, in other words, it’s aligned with my soul, my Self, what is best and the highest for me in this life at this time.

Keeping with this theme of keep on movin’, I’d like to add a point recently made by Muktananda about one of the elements of the 5th dimension that we and the planet are moving into, whether we’re conscious of this or not. He wrote about “adaptable identities” as one element. I love the message and energy of these words. Although identity does connote some limitation, I like the idea of constantly adapting our identity, or recreating it, faster and faster with our accelerated times. Reinventing our identities in accord with what’s rising within us to be expressed, our continuing realization of who we truly are, our purpose for being alive now. Adapting ourselves as new possibilities open to us because we’re opening and realizing and deciding and acting, in movement with the new planetary energies, with the new awareness of all the endless possibilities available to us.

So … I’m moving, in more ways than one, and in each moment when I align with that inner voice and knowingness, that energy and vibration within me of my Truth.

I invite you all to keep on movin’ … of course, that could also mean joining me in Scottsdale if you’re so inclined (or aligned)!