Burren.Mullaghmore (Small)

I’m sitting here in Belgium looking outside at a tree, after a delicious meal of lentils and rice, squash stuffed with other vegetables, prepared by my hostess Chantal. Memories pass through me of my time in Ireland just before this, traveling through the beautiful countryside visiting many of the communities across Ireland. The rolling hills and winding fences, the shades of green, the grazing sheep and cows, AND record-breaking warm weather unheard of in Ireland since 1995 – what timing!

More about Ireland: My time with Dympna visiting Lockcrew, walking up the hill with a group of tourists there at the same time, crouching down to visit the 5000-year old tombs with carvings in the stone of the sun, rays of light, nature, and experiencing and merging in the very joyful feminine energy of this sacred land. (See photos on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/swamiji999.) Driving with David everywhere, including the lakes and town of Killarney, visiting Maeve and Louise in Kenmare, having ice cream in the park together as the church bells rang, eating pizza and pasta in an Italian restaurant, buying an Aran Island hand-knit sweater (for when I’m not in the Scottsdale, AZ sun!). Visiting a VERY powerful site, the Bureen (see photo above), and walking slowly through the pasture with Mary B and David, coming to ruins of monasteries, sitting on the grass washed by the energy of the Divine Feminine, centuries of worship. At the end of my visit, after three satsangs, during a workshop in Cork learning about how to reduce stress and be successful. All of us dancing in the courtyard alongside more pastures and greenery, relaxing and expressing ourselves in movement (photo on Facebook).

And what about my time before Ireland? A week in Quebec, beginning in Montreal with Maa’s darshan. A peacock feather drops from the fan of feathers Maa places on everyone’s face and body during darshan. Maa calls me over, handing me the feather and saying, “For your new home.” What a way to begin my journey. Being with “toute la gang” in Quebec, my family, five satsangs and three workshops. Staying with Alain and Denise, so loving and gracious, delicious meals and company, walking in a park beside the water, going to Chateau Frontenac for steam, pool, and Jacuzzi, spending time with sweet young Robin and other youth (Charles and Genevieve), fun times with Jacques as always (this time including chocolate brownie and hot chocolate!). Spending time with Caroline, laughing as we watched a downpour of rain, eating ice cream dipped in chocolate with others after the Montreal workshop (a lot centers around food, n’est-ce pas?). Caroline taking me to the luxurious Scandinave spa at the end of my visit – two rotations through steam, sauna, huge hot tub with waterfall to massage body, dip in cold water, laying on couch to relax and vibrate. This reminds me of my spa time at Caroline’s and Bernard’s peaceful, high vibration home – more gracious, loving hosts, with three friendly dogs!

And one very important note: Let me express my deep gratitude for the communication in our global community that I love popcorn, and the fact that bags of popcorn were waiting for me in Quebec and Ireland!!! We’ll see about Belgium …

And what about before Quebec? Precious time with Becky in New York!!! Just being together, walking through the streets, talking and sharing, more eating, and being inspired once again by everything about Becky. One powerful example: her dancing!!! In addition to producing films and commercials, and the non-profit she just started (see www.globetops.com), Becky is a member of a professional African dance troupe, Harambee. The group has been trying for 20 years to get into the renowned Dance Africa spectacle at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (2000 in the audience), and Becky joins the troupe and they’re accepted four months later. Becky danced with her troupe, and three others accepted this year (including an incredible one from Zimbabwe). She was the only white (and blond) dancer among 100. Did she stand out!? She is so joyous, vibrant, passionate, expressive when she dances – as she is in all areas of her life. As Maa often says, “I could go on and on.” My trip to NYC also included seeing Becky’s mother, Leslie, and her new husband Michael, and an old friend Nathalie (we’re creating new memories). I also reunited with another  friend, Beth who I’ve known for over 30 years. I worked with her at the Hay Group, and she is the one who was invited to Maa’s first solo workshop in the US almost 19 years ago, and I said to her, “Oh, that sounds interesting, can I come?” !!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I also saw Ronald and Michael who I met at that time, and with whom I  traveled to Egypt with Maa for the first time (stories about this trip and many others, and my first experience with Maa, are in my book, In the Path of Light with Maa, along with excerpts on my website, www.inthepathoflight.com).

And now for Belgium. My first satsang tonight among four or five, with two workshops this coming weekend. Then back to Colorado for Maa’s “Journey of Enlightened Awareness” in Vail AND then I drive to Scottsdale where my new rented home and furniture will be waiting for me (thanks to Billie and John for their gracious assistance with my move).

Yes, la vie est belle (not just in the movie!). Life becomes more and more beautiful as I, as we, open to all of its possibilities, its abundance, and we take action with commitment and passion, in our path to the light, in our path of light. Many joyous times ahead!