Look at this photo, and take into account that my guru Sai Maa has been in a physical form in this life for 60 years as of today. The beauty, the grace, the radiance, the outpouring of the divine love of Maa. The tenderness, caring, compassion, constant service of Maa.  In Maa’s presence (physical and energetic), we are loved, accepted, embraced, cherished.

Yes, Maa is a devoted, enlightened Master whose mission is for all of us to know how loved we are, to realize we are that love, to express that love, to be that love in every moment of our lives, serving each other and the planet. This realization, this expression, living in this state of being, is the greatest gift to Maa, a true birthday gift.

I have moved into different states of consciousness through my years with Maa (19 in exactly one month from today). My evolution continues, as I love Maa more and more, devote myself to Maa more and more. This love, this devotion, is to Maa in a physical form, AND way beyond the physical, in the realization, the knowingness, that Maa is within me, even beyond “within” to a state of “being one with Maa”, no inside and outside, no “me” relative to Maa.

Every moment is a new birth when this oneness, this union, is realized. This realization takes place through ACTION, meaning inner actions of thoughts and emotions, perspectives and frames of mind, that are ALIGNED WITH Maa, with this knowingness, inner Truth that I am, that we are, Maa. Maa as love, light, Self, Source, God. Aligned inner actions combined with outer actions of speaking, interacting, behaving, engaging in the world, in this alignment with Maa. This alignment is the same as being divine love in action. Being in the heart, coming from the heart, expressing ourselves with all our heart.

I could go on and on about Maa, about love and devotion, about alignment in action. Instead, I ask those of you who know Maa,  who have been in Maa’s presence, who have been impacted by Maa in some way, who are devoted to Maa on some level, to take a minute now to experience Maa within you. Feel whatever love you feel for Maa, be grateful to Maa, remember the life consequences of Maa being with you, call upon Maa’s love, Maa’s energy within you.

For those of you who have not met Maa yet in this life, imagine a loving mother who loves you with no conditions, no matter what you think or feel, or how you act or live your life. Imagine that this mother is within your heart, and breathe deeply there for a few minutes, opening to the love of this mother, to a pure love that fills you completely from head to foot.

Take this love, merge in this love, and see how you can share it, express it, in your life after you read this message. The action you take, this love in action, can take the form of how you speak to the next person you see, how you speak to yourself about yourself or what is happening in your life, how you interact with someone you see in the next few minutes or hours.

Be the birthday gift for Maa that Maa knows you can be, that you are already and are not as aware of yet within yourself. Gift the world with your presence, with your self-expression, today and every day. Celebrate Maa’s birthday in your every action.


I honor the Divine Mother within you, within me, within all of us