Swamiji with Lottie and Izzie

I could call this blog LOVING by itself, however my loving is associated with family in the cases I offer, as you can see in the photos above of my expressive daughter Becky in Sedona, and of me with my Aunt Lottie and Uncle Izzy at a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah in Boca Raton. This post speaks to the action and state of loving, to the experience, the benefits, the memories and continuing effects within me. I offer this post as a reminder, reinforcement, stimulant, and catalyst for your loving your family, for your loving every day in your life.

First, aside from the association with family, why am I using the word loving? If my memory of grammar serves me well (forgive and correct me if not), loving is the present participle form of the verb to love. Whatever we call this word, the main point I wish to make about using this form, how I would like you to feel this word, is that it is an action and a state of being in the present moment. For example, I am loving Becky, I am loving my family. The feeling, the energy, of this action, of this state, exists right now, is being expressed, is radiating within me and out from me.

I emphasize the ing-ness of love so that you take away that you are always able TO BE LOVING, as an action, as a state, and that when you are acting as this, in a state of this, you ARE this. In fact, the loving becomes an adjective.

I remember Maharaji (Sri Satuwa Baba Maharaj) speaking many times in this present tense, such as “I am loving you.” Sai Maa has also expressed this beingness in the same way. I invite all of you reading this to experiment and play with speaking this way, with the verb to love, just so you appreciate the difference, and tap into what is actually present for you in the moment.

Back to my examples of loving. I had the opportunity during both my trips to Sedona and Boca to be with Becky, to feel my love for her, to get to know more about myself, and about my relationship to Becky. I had never been to Sedona and looked forward to visiting ever since I moved to Scottsdale two months ago. This trip confirmed all of my ideas about the beauty, energy, expansiveness, power of Sedona. You can see more photos of the visit on my Facebook page (

I realize now that everything about Sedona, the nouns I just wrote above, complemented my being with Becky, and my loving her. I think this is true for all of us, in whatever environment we’re in, that the surroundings are part of a package deal in how we are loving, the quality of our loving, the energy of our loving. For me, when Becky and I visited different sites, the energy itself (the vortexes), our pleasure at being there, our interactions with one another, qualified our loving.

In the case of my aunt and uncle at the Bar Mitzvah (and my whole family including Becky), I realize that I was very present with who they are now, with who I am with them now, with my feelings for them, for the relationships as I see and feel them in the present moment. I didn’t have any baggage qualifying or blocking my loving of them. I appreciated them within a context of my past and present relationships with them, without the past clouding my loving them right now. All was present tense, loving as present participle, all informed by my life experiences with them. I could appreciate their aging (for example, my uncle is 90 and not able to see), my own aging (63 and no longer a child), and Becky’s aging (she showed our family a DVD she created recently of old footage from over 28 years ago when she was 4 and we were all celebrating my mother’s 65th birthday).

What about the benefits of loving? When we are in the present and fully loving, we access and express the essence of who we are, the high frequency and healing power of our love. We appreciate the present moment as we are loving, in our loving. In a state of loving, we embody our love, as it moves throughout and around us. In loving family, the intimacy of our relationships magnifies our loving, and therefore, the experience, state, energy, effects of our loving.

As we close this post, and open ourselves to new possibilities for our loving, I offer some questions for you to ask yourselves about loving family (and loving anyone in your life): Can I be in the present tense as I am loving my family? Am I appreciating my loving, their loving, right now? Am I witnessing any thoughts or emotions associated with the past, and coming back to the present and being in a state of loving with my family? Can I play with the action and state of loving? Am I aware of my experience, my energy, my state, when I am loving my family?

Let me know what happens with your perspective about loving, with your practice of loving, with the effects of your loving for yourselves and others.