Above is one of the sculptures at the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo, Norway that I just visited on the first stop of my European tour. There’s a 43-year gap between this and my last and first visit to Oslo. Click on the photo to enlarge it for closer viewing. The intertwined bodies move upward on the monolith, signifying for me the interconnectedness of our evolution on the planet. The name of the sculpture happens to be “The Cycle of Life.”

We’re climbing as we evolve, joined with one another in our actions, interactions, impact on one another, creating in our path families, communities, societies, traditions, lineages. Continuation and continuity. This image resonates with me at this particular time as I travel across Europe co-creating community, holding satsangs (gatherings of truth), workshops, coaching sessions, expanding the Sai Maa family. I’m thrilled to be with everyone here, discussing ideas for building the community in Norway and across Scandinavia, including my returning next year with my daughter Becky to offer programs.

In the coaching sessions, common themes arise of not feeling worthy, being rejected or abandoned, not being able to speak up and express one’s truth, not living life and wanting to escape, symptoms showing up in the body. The cycle of life continues with repeated patterns in how we see and live our lives. However, at the same time, transformation occurs, new awareness, expanded consciousness, and the effects of these changes on each other’s evolution. Therefore, differences in what the cycle of life looks like now compared to the past, new cycles appearing, as we move higher on the monolith to our final return home.

The interconnectedness is more and more evident as we meet new people and feel so close to them immediately, a sign that we’ve known them before, that we’ve crossed paths in our evolution over time. I’ve just been in Oslo a few days and have experienced this knowingness, closeness, intimacy, with several I’ve met in a community that is just beginning to form. We smile, laugh, are overjoyed at meeting each another and having a common vision for attracting others to the community and creating new interrelationships that accelerate our evolution. Alignment. Heart connections. Soul connections. A unified field. One Love, One Light.

What comes to your mind when you see the sculpture? What do you feel about the cycle of life? The impact of community on the cycle? Your involvement in community, and the effects on your evolution?