It’s 4:44 in the morning in Oslo, I’m wide awake and out of bed, and I have to write this blog. I’m going with the flow, as I called it yesterday during our workshop, “divine orchestration”.

After our workshop on Saturday, “The Healing Power of Meditation,” I thought I would be offering “Less Stress, More Success” on Sunday, even though after I arrived in Norway I found that the seva leads who had so beautifully organized the promotion, logistics, and registration, had advertised the two days as one workshop called “The Healing Power of Meditation.” Coming in on the second day, I reviewed with the group and practiced breathing techniques learned on Saturday, and three simple meditations of heart centering, point of stillness, and So Ham. I intended (outline next to me) to cover different ways to reduce stress and to focus on success: six ways to change your perspective; transforming fears; self-empowerment meditation; communicating authentically; time management; life balance.

Although the days, energies, and states are blending together a bit now, I remember having a conversation with one of the participants about devotion, as he put it appreciation. He suggested that in addition to devotion, practices are required for a person to evolve (something to that effect). I said I understood this perspective, and that practices are very important – we had been learning and practicing and experiencing the effects. At the same time, I shared, we could devote ourselves to a stone, a flower, a mantra, a Master, and in that one-pointed devotion, we could be enlightened (realize the light that is already within us, or that we are already enlightened as Maa says). A case in point of this one-pointed devotion: Maa’s devotion to Sathya Sai Baba.

I then played Baba chanting the Gayatri Mantra from “Embodiments of Love,” the Gayatri, that sacred chant that Baba adored and that transforms so many. I recall reciting it over and over again (doing japa), sitting in a line of men before going into the Baba’s meditation room at 5 am in Puttaparthi. As Maa had been so present in the hall the day before, and now on this Sunday, and now with Baba’s presence, everyone moved into a deep meditative state, merging with the chant, Baba, Maa, Self.

I’d like to add a point about this particular group’s energy. These two days felt like an “advanced” workshop in the sense of how quickly the group of 20 raised its vibration, created a unified field with the higher realms of themselves, with Maa. I think this had to do in part with the fact that many in the group are Reiki practitioners, Masters and Master Teachers. Of course, it has to do with the fact that Maa had orchestrated with us our energetic state and evolution.

We moved into deep stillness following Baba’s chanting of the Gayatri. Then one of the participants, Tobias, shared his state of being, the merging with the chant and Maa, his joy. He ended with shouting Alleluia! and immediately church bells started to chime outside. (Tobias sent me an email after the workshop, writing: “It was as I said overwhelming in the sense I could feel such a strong energy working all the time. I have no doubt in my mind of Maa’s presence.  When the church bells started to ring it was like a reminder from my upbringing merging with Maa!”)

Everyone laughed, deeply felt the sacredness of the moment, and moved more and more into a meditative, sacred space within, into communion with each other and with Self. We rested, breathing deeply, as the Grace moved through us. We were held in our one-pointed focus on Self with the chiming of the church bells. After some time, I played “Alleluia” by Robert Gass. Everyone chanted, hearts opened, tears flowed. After another long period of silence, we chanted “Slow Om Namah Shivaya”. The bells rang again … more sacred moments … together in stillness. I recall that at some time, in some sequence, we did the Stillness Meditation, offered one another Sai Maa Diksha, continued merging with Self, Maa, creating our unified field.

I feel the energy now, the expansion in my heart, the unity with the group, the immersion in Maa and in Self. I, all of us, are so grateful to Maa, to our souls, for our decision to be together and TO BE IN THE FLOW of what is meant to be, what manifests when “we get out of the way” and open to what is here for us in its abundance. The unexpected possibilities become a reality, and the resulting transformation is so profound.

So … what I’ve learned again, the reminder that repeats for me (us) to more deeply embody the teaching: trust, have faith, in the sacred moments, the high states of consciousness, the deep transformation, that come with surrender, being fully present with who I AM, with what is available, allowing the actions to be taken without creating roadblocks of creating and holding to plans and expectations, thinking I’m the doer and that I have to do, forgetting about beingness in favor of words and content.

Tobias, Kari, Christine, others, I ask that you share here your experiences, your states of being, some tips for transformation, for being the flow of Self, of Maa, of all that we are in our Oneness.