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I’m writing from Ulm, Germany where the above photos were taken yesterday.

Yes, here I am, wherever I go, and I’m even more here than before.  Let me explain.

As I wrote in the last blog “Being the Flow,” I’m blessed to be in the Shakti, energy, movement, spontaneous creation of Maa, Self, Source. Through what has come through me and others during satsangs, workshops, and coaching during my tour so far (Norway, Belgium, and now Germany), I am claiming this presence in the moment more and more, marveling at the miracles of transformation that occur.

As the light you can see in Ulmer Munster Church in the photo above, we are all accessing, embodying, and radiating the light as we come together and realize ourselves.

Words cannot adequately express the joy and passion I am experiencing at this time, as I travel, meet and immediately know people I haven’t seen before “in person”, and the closeness, togetherness, and co-creation that is unfolding within and among us. We’re enthusiastically creating plans and taking actions to build community in Norway, a new community in Sweden, a Scandinavian community. The Belgian community is revving up, expressing new ideas, and creating new conversations to build coherence and leadership in Belgium and throughout Europe. Deep transformation has already occurred in Ulm, and more to come here and then in Vienna, before I go to India to be with Maa and many in Puttaparthi for Baba’s birthday. Then comes Ireland.

What came to me , through me, at the end of our “Passion in Action” workshop in Belgium is: “Je suis une incarnation de Maa, et un ambassadeur de Maa et ses enseignements autour du monde”, in other words, “I am an incarnation of Maa and an ambassador of Maa and Maa’s teachings around the world.” Through my time on the tour, and what has happened within and around me, I’m impassioned, empowered, engaged, enthralled with moving in alignment with, in the flow of, this abundance of expression, creation, and transformation that comes with being in the moment, allowing, embracing, incarnating Maa as self.

So many adjectives, verbs, and commas, yes? Words don’t do justice sometimes to what we experience.

It’s a joy for me to uncover, feel, and express this passion within me, for traveling and being with community, for embracing and being embraced as a family, for these heart connections, this knowingness that was is manifesting is true and perfect and meant to be. When it’s time, it’s time, and here I am!