Kerstin and Herwig

This is a love letter to Herwig and Kerstin.  I write this to them, and share this with you, from a place deep in my heart.

I’m sitting in my room in a quaint bed and breakfast called Möwe (seagull) in a town called Tutzing about 40 kilometers from Munich. As has happened to me so many times on this European tour, I never expected this, in this case to be sitting here, spending this special time with my friends. Synchronicity, orchestration by our Beloved Guru Sai Maa, the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Herwig and Kerstin invited me to be here with them when they realized we were only one hour apart in Germany.

If you don’t know Herwig and Kerstin Schoen, you can learn about their pioneering, transformational work with Re-Connective Therapy (RCT) at:  On one level, the three of us are lovers of the light, play with the light, discuss light, delve into the depths of light conversationally and energetically. This togetherness in the light is not new to us, there’s a knowingness we have been together before, as happens as we all progress in the path. As Maa says, focusing on other lives doesn’t matter, it’s about now. And now is such a pleasure. We joke, we tease, we laugh, we play. We support one another, through conversation and coaching. On this trip, they worked energetically on my spine, giving me instructions for moving my energy to my feet and up through my whole body, to eliminate blockages in my lower back and to relieve pain in my hip and legs. Healing on a physical level, aside from healing on other levels during our time together.

We walked and talked along the west side of Starnberger Lake, stopped for apple juice and apple strudel soaked in cream (I do eat well when I travel!). As we passed by this outdoor restaurant before stopping there to snack, we ran into friends of Kerstin’s from Albuquerque she hadn’t seen for years. They had just been speaking about contacting Kerstin when they saw her in front of them. More divine orchestration in the works. We then drove along the west side of the lake, in a very wealthy area, the narrow road surrounded by very large, elegant mansions and boathouses on the lake. Dinner at a local Tutzing restaurant (bread dumpling with mushroom gravy for me), and a restful night at the hotel. We drove to Ulm together this morning, and now Herwig and Kerstin have departed by car to Brussels for a meeting, and I’m going to have some coaching sessions followed by satsang tonight, a workshop tomorrow, and the same in Karlsruhe on Sunday and Monday before I travel to Vienna for a week.

Back to Herwig and Kerstin and our relationship. Being comfortable together, and authentic. Combining heart and mind in interaction. Picking up on each other’s energy, and checking in with each other … AND (a “big and”) having Maa with us, in our hearts, in common, in our path of evolution. We’re a family, in love, in light, open to each moment together and all that it brings.

I’m in my heart when I’m with Kerstin and Herwig. In my love, in my soul, in Maa within me. With deep gratitude for our friendship, our companionship, our oneness with Maa and All That Is. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA