I’ve been so nourished traveling to four countries so far on my European tour (Norway, Belgium, Germany, Austria). Yes, I love asking for and tasting the local foods, especially when I can enjoy them with others who live there: local Norwegian cheeses with Mette; Belgian chocolate, cheese, breads, and pastries with Michel and Chantal, and all the participants after my workshop; pear and mohn torten with Sabine, and gingerbread cookies with Caroline, in Germany; all kinds of dumplings (knödel), kaiserschmarrn pancake, apfelstrudel in cream, sacher torte, with Renate, Margit, and Florian, and participants in my workshop in Vienna … and I could go on and on, and I will.

I admit I love these foods, and at the same time, I’m not attached to having them. The best part is watching everyone prepare the foods, speaking about the customs, and tasting and discussing the differences. I could say this is community building through the palate, or is that going too far?

The food tasting is one aspect of “the time of my life” that I’m having as I realize my joy and passion in being with all these wonderful members of our community, and many new people who are meeting me, and hearing about Sai Maa and our community for the first time. I witness the deep transformations occurring by the grace of Maa, and the openness of so many to be loved and to finally care for themselves. I’m nourished by what we’re co-creating during workshops, coaching sessions, satsangs. As I mentioned in an earlier blog (“Being the Flow”), the miracles happen when I (we) align in the present moment, open to what comes, rest in the heart and in relationship, and allow the collective energy to manifest what is meant to be.

As I continue to travel, meeting new people and being with those I knew before, my declaration is confirmed over and over again, and this is the food of life to me: “Being an incarnation of Sai Maa, and an ambassador of Maa and Maa’s teachings around the world.” What can be better food to us than realizing and living our purpose?

One final metaphor: we’re all chefs cooking the food of life together, adding in the ingredients of who we are individually, our relationships, and what we wish to manifest in our lives. This is truly Prasad, blessed food.