Lucinda and Swamiji Puttaparthi 11-13

Although it’s the next morning here in Delhi, it’s still Thanksgiving in the US, so I write this message of gratitude. And who’s to say we can’t be grateful in every moment, not just on a holiday, as this gratitude leads us to our heart where we find everything we’re looking for in life.

I begin this ode of gratitude by showing a photo of Lucinda and myself from a few days ago on the rooftop of Maa’s apartment in Puttaparthi. Maa is so present in my life, in so many lives, and I owe my life, what I experience as my life, to Maa. My state of consciousness, my Self-expression, my transformation. I am grateful for when I met Maa almost 20 years ago, and to the love I felt within myself immediately, to the devotion that rose up in me and has continued for so many years, opening me to my own evolution.

I am giving thanks to Baba for Maa, as Maa constantly gives thanks to Baba for Maa. Just being in Puttaparthi with Maa, with Baba so present in the air, in each breath, in walking the streets, sitting under Baba’s meditation tree, sitting in the mandir (temple), sitting inside Maa’s apartment facing the mandir, outside the apartment facing Maa and other students during Darshan. I repeat, I am grateful to Maa’s devotion to Baba, Baba’s devotion to Maa, my devotion to Maa, and as Maa says, I could go on and on … a legacy of devotion, a legacy of Self-realization.

I am grateful for Lucinda, for Joey, for Adam, who through their devotion will carry forward Maa’s mission and teachings. I give thanks for the devotion of community members from around the world, as I experience their transformation, their co-creation during my tour of Europe, as I see many in Puttaparthi during this time of Baba’s birthday. The devotion of the Japanese who have traveled to India, and who returned with Maa to Japan to be with the growing community there.

I am thankful for my growing realization during this two-month tour of the opportunity and resulting miracles when I put aside my plans and allow, create in the moment what is to manifest during workshops, satsangs, coaching sessions, during each day. The Grace of Maa flows, the hearts merge, the souls align, perfection unfolds. I recall these miracles occurring in Norway, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and more to come I’m sure in Ireland in a few days. Maa looking down upon us, smiling and rejoicing.

I rejoice and give thanks for the miracle that is happening inside of me, in my getting in touch with my passion and purpose, what brings me joy, what I know to be true for myself in this life. I LOVE being with everyone around the world, growing the community (new cities, new countries), attracting those who are ready for Maa and the teachings, serving as many as possible in their transformation, in realizing their power to create their lives. This tour has been another “mind blower”, “heart opener”, leading to even more devotion and thankfulness. This tour is leading to many more tours of Europe and elsewhere, decided by Maa and me, traveling every few months to be with and expand community … going from five to eight countries in April and May 2014, and on and on.

I give thanks to my parents, to my brother, to my entire biological family, serving me to be who I am now, let alone to be in a physical body at this time. I thank the family members who are still living, and those who have lived before during this life, and so many lives before this, my lineage, all the lineages I am part of through my incarnations and through the Grace of Maa.

How could I write a blog without thanking my daughter Becky. She continues to astonish me, with her passion, her dedication, her creativity, her focus, her power, her joie-de-vivre, her devotion to Maa and to applying the teachings in how she lives her life. I am so grateful for the arc of our relationship over these past 33 years of her life, for what she has brought forth within me, for the awareness I have developed through her presence in my life. I am grateful for our being together “In the Path of Light with Maa.”

I come back around to my gratitude to MAA, all that MAA is that I am conscious of, all that MAA is that I am not conscious of, all that MAA has been in this life experience, all that MAA has been in other life experiences, all that MAA is in this dimension, all that MAA is in all dimensions. So much gratitude on so many levels. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA