This post comes from my January column in our Sai Maa Arizona newsletter. We’re two weeks into the new year, however as I write below, every day can be a day of resolution, action, and reinvention:

I’m back in Scottsdale for the last two weeks after my two-month tour of Europe and trip to India. Today is Christmas, and I decided to spend time by myself, writing you as I’m immersed in the energy of the Christ Consciousness. Moving onward from today, I wish you all a joyous New Year, recognizing that we create ourselves anew in every moment through our self-awareness and conscious actions, both inner and outer.

My tour has served me in my own self-awareness, as I am in touch with my passion and have declared what is important for me in my life, that I’m an incarnation of Sai Maa and an ambassador of Maa’s teachings around the world. You can read more about this in my November 6th blog “Here I am! Me voilà!”, and you can visualize my tour by taking an excursion through photos on my Facebook page (

I’m reminded at deeper and deeper levels that we transform, evolve, progress through action, as I have in touring five countries, realizing myself and my passion more by expressing myself and learning from those I’ve been with during workshops, satsangs, and coaching sessions.  Although we can make resolutions at any time in our life, I invite you to resolve right now, at the onset of 2014, to uncover your passion, ignite your passion, develop your passion, taking action passionately in important areas of your life.

Here are some tips for accessing your passion and moving into action energized by that passion.

  • Breathe and be in the present moment. Passion comes from being aware of who you are now, what’s happening now, being in touch with yourself, your world, your life. Come out of the past and future to right now.
  • Move into your heart. You find what you value, what’s important to you, your truth, in your heart, so breathe and focus there. Acceptance and gratitude bring you into your heart. Passion is heart-centered.
  • Create a new perspective about yourself. Realize you are energy, everything is energy, and you can transform your energy at any time, raise your frequency through your thoughts and focus. Know you are a creator who is always connected with multiple dimensions of yourself that are available to you to use at any moment.
  • Choose one important area of your life. Visualize what you’d like it to look like, what you’re doing, what others are doing, what results are being produced. Feel this new creation in your heart, join your heart and mind. Feel how important this change is to you, and realize again your power to create and make a difference in your life through your actions.
  • Begin by taking steps in this area of your life. Come back to your breath, your heart, your power, your vision, as you take action. The more action you take, the more passion you will feel, and the more passion you feel, the more action you will take. Forge this dynamic, creative, evolutionary path of life, one area at a time, which then transforms with practice into all areas at all times, no matter the time of the year.