We celebrated Easter together on Sunday with our Arizona community. Like all holidays, Easter is a reminder of where we can focus our attention, what we can create or activate within ourselves, how we can shift our state to remember, to celebrate, to forgive, to transform. We come together as families, as friends, as communities, and this togetherness brings us into our hearts, out of our daily thoughts and routines, we feel gratitude for who and what we have in our lives.

Easter commemorates Master Jesus’ resurrection, in other words, our resurrection, our coming back to life, reviving ourselves to new beginnings, new possibilities, that are always present for us in our lives. We are reminded that we always have the ability, the choice, to rise above daily challenges, to realize our inner power and dimensions. Energetically, we can hold the highest frequencies despite what we call “reality” and associated thoughts we create in our mind that create pain and suffering based in fear, low frequency. We can overcome death, being “dead human beings”, and live life fully, appreciating our physical form as a vehicle of spirit that never dies.

Our view of life determines how our life occurs to us, how we occur to ourselves in our lives, how others occur to us, and thus how we live our lives. Our view, our perspective, our frame of reference, determines our actions and the results we achieve. Why not allow life to take on a new meaning, of new beginnings in every moment, of resurrection with each breath? Why not say to ourselves, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life!” and realize the possibility with our every thought, feeling and action that we can live again with and as God, Self, Source, whatever name we call our divine essence?

In our community satsang on Easter, we experienced “being here and being there”, as Master Jesus said, being in a physical form and yet not limited to physicality, being free and flying in the higher dimensions of who we are “in reality”. This is the message of Easter – one view or frame of reference – that we are always capable of being here and there, resurrecting and progressing to our ascension, where our physical matter ascends into light, or another interpretation, where we ascend in life, rise above fear, suffering, illusion, into the higher realms of all possibilities.

Let Easter remind us, let all holidays and days remind us, that we have the choice, we are creators, we can be here and there at once, and live our lives as Master Jesus shows us, as all the Masters, living and ascended, show us … and we can show the same to others in our lives.