The following is a testimonial I wrote about Sai Maa’s Healers Day held in Belgium, based upon the recording I was blessed to listen to yesterday. This and other testimonials can be found on Maa’s website (

Maa has just offered everyone a day (among many) of wisdom, powerful Shakti, healing and transformation. The grace within continues to flow and unfold. As Maa says, our gratitude is an attitude of grace, and I am so grateful for all that Maa offers us, more and more and more, and how Maa serves us all on so many levels at every instant. Of course, I am not alone in being grateful (more about gratitude later).

With few words (no doilies!), I share with you some of the day’s teaching highlights that we can all apply to our lives – what is key for us to practice right now. Gratefully, and fortunately, we’re blessed with these teachings and practices AND the Shakti and Grace of Maa that we can open to, call upon, use and embody at any time.

Let’s begin with HARMONY: One of the keys for healers – and all of us – so we’re not shaken by the upheavals of current events and circumstances on the planet. This means harmony on all levels (the body down to the cells and DNA), energy channels and centers, aura, thoughts (associated emotions), and our complete electromagnetic field.

How to be harmonious? STAY CENTERED. Take responsibility and practice. Use the centering method (at least 40 days before you can visualize it). Use Maa’s harmonious energy. Use the Violet Flame.

Use your HEART as “a furnace of love”. The language of the heart that is beyond words. Studies have shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field is larger than the brain’s. Focus in the heart, come back to the heart, express through the heart.

GRATITUDE is key and brings us into our heart. Feeling, creating this gratitude in our heart towards ourselves especially, including our ego, our personality, our anger, our frustration … no separation or exclusion in what we welcome within ourselves. Wholeness, harmony. (The exercises with water allowed everyone through gratitude to radiate high frequency energy from the heart into the hands and the water bottle, to create harmony and pleasure in the water, mouth, saliva and blood, entire body…)

OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS CREATORS: We can change our karma through our own creation, the information we send into the matter and memory of our cells, our genes and DNA. We create the data and the consequences for ourselves and generations to come. We can shift and transform our karma, our matter, our cells, our genes and DNA, by thinking, activating, reinforcing, within ourselves our divine blueprint of I AM DIVINE … of Life itself, of the Matrix.

Just as Maa says that Maa is a reminder of who we truly are as Self, as divinity, we can ask ourselves REMINDER QUESTIONS (my words). For example, fill in the blanks: WHAT HAPPENS TO ________ WHEN I ________. The first blank may be, “my red blood cells, this organ, this gland, my brain, my aura, this subtle body or channel or center … the planet”. The second blank may be, “When I think this thought? When I feel this emotion? When I have this expectation? When I have this judgment?”

Yes, we are so blessed to have Maa in our lives, to have incarnated at the same time. No coincidence. So let’s remind ourselves to take those actions to heal ourselves, graced by the healing Shakti and Presence of Maa that we can call upon, activate, use whenever we choose. OM JAI JAI SAI MAA