I’m writing this as I return from my trip to Big Indian, New York from the celebration yesterday by three communities of the arrival there of the living statue (murti) of Goddess Mariamma. You can see photos and read testimonials about the celebration on Sai Maa’s website (www.sai-maa.com).

The black granite Mariamma was gifted to Sai Maa and our community about ten years ago by Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal, known to us as Apaji (father). Apaji worshipped the Divine Mother, immediately recognized Sai Maa as her embodiment, and loved and honored Maa as his daughter, expressing this love to all of us as his family. One night he had a dream in which Mariamma came to him and asked to be created and gifted to Maa in order to heal the US, during the time when the anthrax scare was occurring. Mariamma was shipped to the US and spent several years on the property of Sai Maa’s home near The Temple of Consciousness, Sai Maa’s ashram in Crestone, Colorado.

Sai Maa recently decided to gift Mariamma to the Bodhivastu Foundation that had just received a donation of land from long-time disciples of Swami Rudrananda (known as Rudi). Mariamma arrived at the land in Big Indian a few days ago, and Lama Rangbar, President of the Foundation and spiritual leader of the Bodhivastu community, organized a celebratory event bringing together all our communities.

The personal experience I’m sharing with you now is how immediate my feeling was of remembrance, of a knowingness, of a deep love for several people leading and attending the event. When I met Lama Rangbar, I knew him so well so quickly – I’m sure you’ve experienced this with certain people – and our words, teachings, hearts, energies are so aligned. Of course, this is happening by the grace of Sai Maa, as the unfoldment of what is meant to be at this time for all of us. For me, this beautiful new relationship of communities is magnified by similar experiences I had with several individuals who are part of the Bodhivastu and Rudi communities. Others who attended will attest to the same experience.

So what’s at the heart of community, exemplified by this example? At the heart are the love and devotion residing in the hearts of the gurus, teachers, leaders, disciples, students, community members. This love and devotion give birth to a common vision, mission, dream, intention. With these come commitment, passion and agreement, leading to collective action, collaboration, co-creation, and finally manifestation. We are living this right now, all three of our communities, centering around the love and healing power of the Mother as Mariamma, expanding across traditions and lineages, spiritual paths and experiences.

I know with all my heart that our three communities are moving forward together, through Maa’s presence and grace, Apaji’s and Rudi’s blessings, Lama’s and others’ leadership. Keep tuned for new developments related to Mariamma and Big Indian, the construction of the temple, the possibilities for participation in seva (service) by our local communities. Welcome and engage in all the future opportunities for all of us around the world to visit Mariamma, to be healed by the power of her love, to join our hearts together as we create an ever-expanding community and manifest our mission of global enlightenment.