These days I’m being constantly reminded of the power of the mind and its relationship to the heart, and how they both work together for manifestation. I’m sharing some of my insights with you, while I’m experiencing and learning for myself the applications in my life.

 As Maa says, “it’s always about you with you”, and I add “it’s all in your mind” and “you gotta have heart”. Our thoughts don’t just arrive here; we create them unconsciously the majority of the time. We can become conscious thinkers, however, when we’re conscious of all we create whether on the mental, emotional, physical, energetic, or spiritual levels. Rather than being run by our thoughts, we can master and transform them, moving from the automatic past-driven thoughts to those that are new, based in the present, founded upon what we wish to manifest in our lives.

 One way of looking at thoughts is that they specify certain possibilities among many that are available, and bring those possibilities into the third dimension. When we focus upon certain thoughts, the Law of Attention takes over. We radiate the frequencies of those thoughts and attract whatever is in resonance with those frequencies, like radio signals tuned to the same station. As a practice, when I remember consciously that I’m a creator, that my thoughts radiate and attract energies, and that these energies manifest as form in my daily life, I become more attentive, focused, engaged and committed regarding my thinking; I empower myself to think creatively.

 At the same time, let’s not forget about the heart. The heart is pivotal in not just manifesting what we want, but in creating who we are, expressing our truth and purpose, impacting the world around us and in us. As Gregg Braden spoke in a YouTube video I watched recently about the power of the subconscious to manifest, the thoughts in the higher chakras, and the emotions in the lower chakras, are combined in the feelings of the heart for manifestation. Another perspective coming from the Ascended Masters (in Electrons: The Building Blocks of the Universe), is that the thoughts create form in the third dimension, and love creates the cohesive force that holds the form together so that manifestation can take place. Here’s a quote from that book about this: “The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined, by conscious thought. The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the results of, and determined by feeling.”

 I’m finding great value now in reading Ask and It Is Given by Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks about manifestation. I see many commonalities and alignment with teachings I’ve learned, just as I relish the upcoming opportunity to learn new teachings and receive new energies for manifestation with Sai Maa at the end of September during the Journey of Profound Abundance. According to Abraham-Hicks, we’re first to remember to do our work of asking. In other words, we’re to think of exactly what we wish to manifest in our lives and make specific requests (e.g., ask Maa, the angels, the universe, Source …). Thus, we create “what’s on our mind” and put out what’s picked up and worked with for manifestation. The power of these thoughts, what we offer to the universe, is magnified by our focus, the repetition of our thoughts, our clarity and specificity.

 As for the second step of manifestation, what we ask for is already given; we have nothing to do. The third step however, part of our work, is to receive what’s already given. This is where our thoughts and feeling state (I highlight here “our heart and soul”) define whether we’re in resonance with what’s already given so that we can receive it. In other words, are we resisting or are we allowing ourselves to receive what’s already been manifested (i.e., the Art of Allowing)? I find that I have my work cut out for me in this step, and I think that’s true for many of us.

 During the latest Journey of Profound Awakening a few weeks ago, we came to a new understanding about addictions, which are not just to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, but are also to certain thoughts and associated emotions. We are addicted to those repeated patterns of thoughts coming from the past, childhood, family and environment, society, our inner voice, our subconscious and unconscious. For me, calling them “addictions” makes them stand out for me, emphasizes my responsibility even more. My addictions become more salient, and my desire to transform them more pronounced.

 In my case right now, rather than reinforcing my addiction to lack of financial abundance, or to undervaluing what I have to offer with new people in new settings, I replace those addictions by being centered in my heart, calling upon my soul, creating new thoughts from this focus and in this state. These new thoughts and feelings include: recognizing and appreciating all that I have already, all the opportunities I can create with people I already know and those I’m discovering and attracting; remembering and owning the power of my love, my heart, and my experience, and what these offer people. As Abraham-Hicks explain, the rising of these “good feelings” serves as a guidance system telling us whether we’re in resonance with what’s already been manifested from our asking. Again, this is the art of allowing, being in vibrational connection to Source, that universal flow of abundance.

 Among others, one way to allow and receive, filling ourselves with heart-centered good feelings, is to visualize and create a picture and feeling experience within ourselves of what it’s like when we’re already experiencing and living our desire that’s been manifested. In this way, we feel good and move into complete alignment with All That Is as we embody the manifestation.

 I add a final point that we can magnify manifestation when we ask and receive as a community (i.e., “when two or more are gathered”, “agreement = manifestation”). For example, during guided meditation with our community, we can clarify and specify what we desire, and think collectively as we ask to receive that desire from the universe. We can visualize and experience the already-given manifestation, in our hearts, in our being, making it visible and palpable during meditation, intensifying it through our appreciation, gratitude, joy and passion. Combining mind and heart, thought and feeling, we allow and receive in our togetherness. At a later date, we can always return to that experience when we’re alone or together, sustaining and reinforcing the receiving of what has been manifested. Another way to put this is that through our thoughts and feelings, we’ve created a powerful energetic grid that manifests our desire.

 As a practice, choose one thing you desire and wish to manifest in your life. Remember to be specific. Next ask for this silently within yourself or aloud, of the universe or whatever source you choose. Focusing in your heart, see and feel this desire manifested. Visualize and experience this manifestation: who you are being; what you are thinking, feeling, sensing; what is your mood, your energy; are others present and how do they show up? Appreciate the experience, feel gratitude, happiness, joy, passion, whatever arises in your heart. Later on, if and when you feel addictions coming back, old patterns of thoughts and emotions – in other words, you’re resisting rather than allowing – breathe and focus in your heart, and return to the experience of the manifestation, the associated images, thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself, “what’s on my mind, what’s in my heart?” See what happens and let me know.