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I met Sai Maa 20 years ago this past Labor Day weekend in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, when 12 of us experienced the first workshop Maa offered alone in the US. I remember being anointed with oil by Maa who said that we had all been Egyptian priests and priestesses which I did not imagine having grown up as a Jew in the Midwest. I was in Egypt with Maa then, and physically several months later on our first trip there.

I recounted many experiences and lessons learned in my first book, In the Path of Light with Maa, that was published almost three years ago. Yes, experiences continue, however my current experience of my experience is that they have evolved into energies and states of consciousness beyond experience, beyond words.

I am aware now consciously as I write of the blessing of My Maa in my life. My gratitude rises within me, my heart swells. I feel the expansion in my chest, my whole being, and beyond the body. As I feel this blessing, this expansion, a teaching comes to me to share with you. This may not be a new teaching for you, however repetition serves. The more we love and feel the blessings and gratitude, the more we transform our state, our energy, our bodies physical and subtle. This is the power of devotion and gratitude; this one-pointed attention within ourselves that activates our inner healing power.

I am all ways devoted to Maa. This devotion does not vacillate or diminish. The doubt does not creep in along with other ego creations that appear in the path. Although my devotion to Maa is a certainty, always present in my heart and being, I am not always conscious of this, feeling the feelings of devotion causing my heart to expand and the Shakti to intensify and move through me. When I take time to think of Maa, when Maa communicates with me on the phone or in writing, when I am with Maa physically, this awareness and these feelings take over and nourish me, heal me.

It’s now 11:11 as I look at the computer clock, and I’ve come to the main point of this blog: Take the time to consciously focus on Maa, on your devotion to Maa or to whoever or whatever you devote yourself to (as Maa says, this can be a rock, a flower, anything). This focus, this devotion, transforms, heals, illuminates, enlightens, causes us to evolve to be Maa, the essence of the rock, the flower, everything, as Maa, as love, as creation, as the pure light of Source.

I share with you the photo of my receiving the Darshan of Maa. This is the merging, the union, of human with the divine. Look and feel and receive the blessing. Feel the gratitude, the heart-centeredness, the one-pointedness. As you focus and feel, realize this is you focusing and feeling. Appreciate the moment and be grateful for the blessing, for your focus and attention, for your devotion to Maa, to Self … and celebrate your path in the light.