Maa spoke about Faith in Action during last weekend’s program in Vermont, and also mentioned this earlier to Becky and me before we taught at the program. This teaching resonates very much with me at this moment, and I want to share with you some of my insights that may resonate with you. Feel into them, play with them, see how they apply within yourself and in your life.

As I tap into it, Faith in Action for me is:

  • A perspective about myself and the world, my life, where I trust in the universe, that all is perfect and as it should be, that even though I am not conscious of it, all is happening for me to become more aware and evolve.
  • A deep feeling that I am being taken care of, that I am accepted and loved and served, that I am being held and supported by so many, including Maa, my soul, my guardians and guides, masters and light beings, in other words, my inner guidance and essence.
  • A strong sense of abundance on all levels, of all the possibilities available to me, of the power that I am in all my dimensions and energies, of the beauty and richness of life present for me to enjoy.
  • A place deep in my heart, that accesses my inner knowingness, that relaxes me, brings me peace, puts a smile on my face, expands and energizes me.
  • A state of being, a place of alignment with Self, Source, where grace flows naturally through me, filling me with dynamic, creative energy (Shakti), enabling me to receive information, listen to my inner voice or intuition or soul, and take action in life using all of this wisdom and energy.
  • A practice that I can use to return to alignment, when I’m aware of thoughts and emotions, patterns and energies, that stop me from taking actions I know serve me to be the highest of who I am, that lead me to what I really want in life.

Use these insights about Faith in Action so that you become more aware of what happens inside of you when you have faith, what actions you take inside of you and in your daily life through this faith. When you become more conscious of what this Faith in Action is for you, you distinguish it so you can come back to it more quickly. You reinforce it, you embody it even more, you move from experiencing it to a state of being it.

Please share your insights with me: what Faith in Action is for you; what examples you have of practicing it, being it; the results and consequences for you in different areas of your life when you are practicing it, being it.

Use this affirmation and see what occurs within you: