“Each one of you is to be prepared for what is happening on the planet. We are activating the oneness consciousness, so each one can realize that we are all connected, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated. What is serving one is serving all, what is affecting one is affecting all. Togetherness in action.” – Sai Maa

Most of us just spent time together with family and loved ones experiencing and expressing our gratitude for each other, for our blessings, for our life. Several of us in our local Phoenix/Scottsdale community sat around the Thanksgiving table filled with delicious food, listening to a message from Maa read by Ambika, and being blessed by the opportunity to speak with Maa.

Yes, holidays bring us together. As Maa expresses above, we can realize this togetherness in every moment when we are aligned with the oneness consciousness being activated on the planet, this fifth dimensional state of interrelatedness. Through regular daily spiritual practice (sadhana), we are more likely to move into this alignment and realization. In addition, by coming together in community, we share a common focus, support one other in our practices, and combine our energies to activate and merge in this higher frequency. We create as community, transform as community, serve as community.

Sai Maa is creating four vortexes in the US, electromagnetic grids that energetically reflect this interconnectedness. We are blessed in Phoenix/Scottsdale to be one of those vortexes, in addition to Denver, Albany and Philadelphia. We have shared about this in our newsletter, including the opportunity to come together for “The Becoming of You” program on December 26, 27, plus other community activities leading up to our New Year’s Eve celebration. More programs are coming next year, when teachers will travel to these communities and offer teachings and opportunities for us to express and build our togetherness, to activate and tap into the grids that Maa has created.

When we each decide to engage in our community, to take action to contribute to our community, we are moving into alignment with our vortex and the frequencies of the fifth dimension and oneness consciousness activated on the planet. Years ago when I was doing consulting work for UNICEF, I spoke to my colleague about visualizing a hug around the world, everyone in the diverse global locations intertwined in their service to children. I see this same image of everyone in our communities, arms extended expressing and manifesting this togetherness in action.

In Maa’s programs, we have seen images of swirling vortexes, and energetic grids depicted as interconnecting lines, a web or lattice of energetic pathways, sparking and pulsating and sending light around the planet. Our community vortex is a gift of love and light, of togetherness, that we activate and spread more and more through our actions. We take actions inside ourselves to be grateful to our community, and to connect and merge energetically with others in the community. Also, we take actions with others by coming together physically to express, contribute, create, and manifest.

Remember, when we act we serve and affect one and all. Next year is one of preparation for the even more intense changes to take place in 2016, as the fifth dimension and oneness consciousness spread across the planet. Ask yourselves, “What actions will I take inside myself and with others in my community as 2014 comes to an end and we usher in together a new year?”