You might have heard of the TGV in France (train à grande vitesse). Being with Sai Maa is jumping on board as Maa stokes the fire, so to speak. As we evolve, we begin to engineer the train; we become the conductor driving along the tracks in the path of our conscious evolution.

Maa has just visited us in Phoenix/Scottsdale, and blessed our community with a satsang (gathering where Truth is expressed). About 200 individuals attended, many of whom never met Maa before. Due to our readiness and commitment – not just those already in Maa’s community but the broader local community – Maa has made a commitment to us, committed Maa’s consciousness to us, as Maa told us during a community meeting.

We are thirsting for transformation, for the love of our soul, our Self, to be revealed to us and expressed in the world. We call this “The Becoming of You.” Maa is committed to our transformation, to the awakening of the Divine Feminine within, to global enlightenment across the planet.

We’ve heard Maa say many times, “Yes, I’m ready!!!” Let’s all tap into this readiness, activate the readiness we are already demonstrating by how we welcomed Maa to our community. This readiness for Maa, this welcoming of Maa, is really the readiness for and welcoming of ourselves, our oneness with Maa as Love, Light, Source. The energies and high frequencies of the 5th dimension of oneness consciousness are here for us to embrace within ourselves, to use for our transformation. This activation of 5th dimensional energies leads us to realize all of our dimensions and to contribute and serve, which is our soul’s purpose.

Maa is returning physically to be with us again in April (details to follow in other communications). I invite all of us to invite everyone we know to be with Maa for Darshan in April, when Maa offers us the blessing of divine energy (Shakti) that activates our own divinity within. Each person will have the opportunity to stand before Maa individually for this offering. Please serve those you know by inviting them to be with Maa at this time.

Maa is bringing us together across the country through the creation of four vortexes in the cities of Phoenix/Scottsdale, Denver, Albany and Philadelphia. These spinning vortexes of energy are drawing us together in our local communities, and relating us across communities, as well as weaving together communities around the world. The planetary frequencies of the 5th dimension intensify and elevate the work of these vortexes. This is truly togetherness in action, community co-creation, for the sake of planetary transformation.

One form of this togetherness and co-creation is the bond that exists between our local community and that of San Diego. Many from there came here to be with Maa two weeks ago, as they also did when we all celebrated five days together leading up to New Year’s. Maa is committed to the San Diego community and will be visiting there in May. We are invited to be with them then for satsang with Maa, just as the San Diego community will be returning here for Maa’s Darshan in April. To use the same analogy, we’re on the same train traveling along many tracks leading to the same source.

Speaking of San Diego, I will be returning there next month (February 20-21) for an evening satsang and a day-long workshop (“Revive, Renew, Reinvent”). In addition, we will have a community potluck, and I will offer individual coaching sessions. Please join us for these events, and invite those you know in San Diego or elsewhere to attend. See below for the flyer about the San Diego events.

Revive Renew Reinvent SD_Feb 20 flyer

A final invitation: Please let us know of any opportunities to join together with other spiritual communities, to attend community gatherings and local events, so that we may continue to create community. Let’s be in relationship, unity and service, as we accomplish our shared mission. ALL ABOARD!!!