I decided that what best serves us right now are reminders of actions we can take inside and out each day to move us back into alignment. Our daily lives are “the in’s and out’s of alignment.” Being an important preparation year for the 5th dimension and oneness consciousness on the planet, we can use all the tips we can get to remain centered, balanced and aligned.

  • Use your breath consciously and constantly. To get more oxygen (through the nose), to relax (breathe into contracted parts of the body, long exhale to release and relax the whole body, cyclical/circular breath to “move into the zone”). Conscious breathing includes pausing, slowing down your speaking … being present rather than rushing to a future that doesn’t exist.
  • Use the centering practice that aligns your physical and subtle bodies, energy systems. If you don’t know or remember it, check with someone who does.
  • Self-awareness. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, sensations, moods, energies, states of being. Realize you’re creating everything and everything is energy. Use this awareness to make new choices that expand your energy, relax you, bring you into your heart, bring you into relationship with your soul, guides, light beings ready to serve you.
  • Acceptance – never forget this. Accept everything about you, no matter what. Accept facts, what you can’t change (including the past). Accept others for who they are – you can’t change them, it’s not your responsibility. Acceptance leads to wholeness (embracing all that you are), and oneness (all that we are as one).
  • When we accept who we are in the present, we become peaceful and clearer about actions we can take. Be aware, accept, and then express, meaning be authentic in speaking who you are to others. Authentic expression leads to release, greater clarity, alignment with what’s true for you. Authentic listening leads to heart-to-heart connection, deeper relationship, aligned action.
  • Great practices for alignment: smiling (look in the mirror, notice the difference when you smile). Laughing out loud, even when you don’t feel like it. Moving your body: open your mouth as wide as you can and move your jaw, move your neck side to side, move each shoulder back, wave your arms, shake your whole body, jump up and down, move body parts that don’t want to move. Using your voice: speak louder, sing, chant, yell, let it all out through your mouth.
  • Keep up your daily practice and bring the “new you” it into your day. Breathe (continuous, Pranayama, Ouija, Anuloma-Viloma, whatever works for you). Meditate (in the heart, between the eyebrows, SO on exhale and HAM on inhale, stillness and brain illumination meditations). Recite mantras. Offer others and yourself Sai Maa Diksha. Perform Sai Maa Aarti. Practice whatever brings you joy, expands and aligns you.