I’m sitting outside on my balcony facing a beautiful tree with pink flowers and listening to the sound of the flowing fountain outside my windows. This is the life … a sunny day in the 80’s writing about being ourselves and in community. As Sai Maa says, “God loves me!”

I just returned late last night from being in one of the other “vortex city” of Montreal, where I was present at Maa’s Darshan, and then taught with two Quebecois “The Becoming of You” program called “Live Your Soul’s Purpose”.

In this sharing I’d like to emphasize that “we’re all in the same boat”, aligning and re-aligning, moving from mind to heart, from old to new pathways (in the brain and in action). Take comfort in this fact that we’re all experiencing a huge shift in the world and, more to the point, inside ourselves. This shift is from the mental model of the 3rd dimension, to the heart and soul model of the 5th dimension.

In this radical shift of consciousness and state of being, we are confronting old ways of seeing ourselves and the world, and ingrained patterns that cause us to react to what we think is in the outside world but is actually inside. As Sai Maa says, we just have to move one letter (“c”) to change “reaction” to “creation”. I add, we just have to see (“c”) differently in order to create rather than react.

It’s time to create with our soul, as soul. Here are some very short reminders of how to be in a natural state of creation, at least more often than not:

  • Breathe
  • Be in the present
  • Be grateful (in the heart)
  • Accept what is (inside and out)
  • Know your soul is always with you
  • Surrender (to your soul, Self)
  • Trust and have faith in what is unfolding
  • Allow all to be revealed within you
  • Express the light of your soul
  • Serve by enlightening life
  • Gain greater stability by having a practice
  • Benefit from the support and power of community

I’m not going to embellish on these tips. Just see what comes to you, what is revealed within you, that might lead to a different way of being (not doing). All comes from being. Your greatest contribution to yourself, to humanity, to your legacy, is to be, to illuminate your soul by allowing it to embody you and express itself through you.

I can tell you from recent personal experience, you can’t figure it out with the mind. Staying in the mind is very uncomfortable in today’s transition; it gets you nowhere except tossing and turning in bed, and crying from the struggle. It’s a balancing act, from trying to figure it out yourself, to surrendering and joining forces with others in the unity of our souls and collective energies. This is the Grand Design in Action.